You might find it hard to believe, but you can actually go to the mall and spend no cash, but walked out of the mall with several bags full of items, that's called smart shopping.

Things You Will Need

The will and desire to get something for free.

Step 1

First you have to do your homework in order to begin smart shopping. Watch the free sample sites for free items from stores. Join the A list at Aerie. If you join the A list then you can go once a month every month on a Thursday for a free gift. If they are out of the free gift for the month then you get free underwear. Many stores offer free gifts, you may have to search for these offers.

Step 2

Watch for gimmicks in the stores. Victoria Secret will give away lotions and if you sign up on the site you might get a free duffle bag if that is what they are promoting that month. Charlotte Russe will give a way items as well, last item that I got free was a pair of sunglasses

. Aeropostale will sometimes give away free tank shirts or other merchandise. And there are many other numerous stores to keep an eye on regarding coupons and giveaways. You can check online visiting free sample sites to find these offers.

Step 3

Listen. Many people talk about free items up for grabs. Listen to what friends and co workers are talking about they may just have the details you need to get your hands on that free coupon offer.

Step 4

Sign up for newsletters from your favorite stores. Often times the email exclusive offers for members only.

Step 5

Read the newspaper and magazines. Many times retailers will post offers in the paper or in different magazines offering free items to any that see the coupon.

Step 6

Read all your postal mail. Not all flyers that come in the mail should be considered junk mail. You may just open up the store flyer or mini magazine and find free $10.00 coupons inside without having to purchase anything more.

Enjoy all the free stuff you got while smart shopping. Anticipate how fulfilling it will be to walk out of the mall with several bags full of free merchandise. It takes a little bit of effort grabbing coupons online, but it is worth it.

Tips & Warnings

Many offers expire, so do not hold off on taking advantage of your special shopping offer(s).