We have all heard of the dangers of second hand smoke, but now scientists are advising that third hand smoke is also very harmful, especially for children.

Children can be exposed to third hand smoke when they crawl around in homes with a smoker, riding in a car where someone has been smoking or when the children are handled by a smoker. Toxic residues from smoking stick to clothing, carpets and other surfaces in the home. The chemicals from third hand smoke can then be transfered onto the children as they put things into their mouths. Truly third hand smoke can cause health problems and even brain damage in children.

Here are some tips to prevent exposing your children to third hand smoke.

The best idea is to quit smoking! It is good for your health, your family's health and your pocketbook. Live longer and don't waste your money on cigarettes. If you can't quit smoking, or are concerned about third hand smoke damage from other smokers around your children, than read on.

Never ever smoke near children or allow others to smoke near children. This prevents second hand smoke and prevents the children from contacting with third hand smoke that accumulates in soft surfaces and the ashes that fall on the floor.

Never smoke in a home where children live even when the children are not home. When the children returns they can still be exposed to third hand smoke from the smoking that occured when they were not in the house. Rather, take all smoking outside everytime and away from where children will play.

Clean your carpets and furniture to remove the built up chemicals from smoking. While you are at it, clean your air ducts and sanitize them professionally. Anyone can tell that a smoker has been in the house. If you can smell the chemicals than they are definately there to hurt your children.

Wash all clothing worn by smokers regularly - including jackets. Washing clothing will reduce the transfer of third hand smoke to children from handling by the smoker.

All smokers should wash their hands regularly to reduce the effects of third hand smoke.

Remember that exposure to the chemicals in tobacco can harm children's brain development, so pay attention to the dangers of third hand smoke to prevent stupidity.

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