shark attack
Credit: google images

Anyone that has ever jumped into the ocean for a swim has probably thought about the possibility of a shark attack.  With movies like Jaws and Soul Surfer, it’s a wonder that we will ever feel safe in the water again.  The truth is that if faced with a shark attack there are some things we can do to potentially save our lives. 

  1.  Fight Back.  If you are being attacked by a shark, it is a must that you fight back.  Trying to run away and trashing wildly will allow it to get the best of you.  As the shark is making its way in your direction or attempting to bite you, punch him in the eyes continually.  This is one of their most sensitive areas and gives you a chance to get away.  Making use of any object that you may have in your possession like a surfboard will give you an even greater chance of survival.
  2. Swim For It.  Get out of there as soon as possible.  This sounds like common sense but people can sometimes panic and are too scared to move.  If you can get to the shore or find yourself close to it, then make your way out of the water and scream for help.  This will also notify others in the water of potential threat.
  3. Don’t go in the water.  If it is that time of the month ladies, stay out of the water.  Blood will attract this predator to you.  Any open wounds smelled by a nearby shark could trigger a possible attack.  Other times to stay out of the water would be at night fall when you can’t see what may be lurking right next to or under you. 
  4. Know the area.  Whenever you enter the water, make sure you know the area.  If there is any fishing going on in the area, steer clear of it.  There are some areas of the ocean or beaches that are prone to sharks congregating there, trust the warning signs and do not enter these areas.
  5. Swim in groups.  Since most shark attacks occur when people are swimming alone, always swim with others and avoid bright colored swimming suits.  By being by yourself and wearing bright colors you may be inviting a shark to your location.

Should you encounter a shark; try to remain calm and slowly make your way to the shore.  Don’t make any sudden moves that could provoke an attack.  Remember, if the shark decides to attack you fight with all your might.  This one thing could save your life.