Acai berries have really become popular in the recent past, what with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey promoting them openly and hordes of people giving testimonies regarding their effectiveness. But, acai berries have a very short shelf life and buying and storing them can be a difficult task. For long-term usage, one would have to buy these berries repeatedly. This makes them a much wanted and yet an unpopular product. After all, in this busy world, who has the time to take the troubles that ensuring a continued supply of acai berries in the house entails?

Food supplement companies sensed in this a situation a need for Acai based products that can be bought from the market and stored at home easily. Thus, Acai power pills took birth. These pills have been tested by experts and have been proven as an effective way losing weight. Losing weight with these pills doesn't require any extra efforts on the individual's part and this has led to their huge demand. But as it happens always when a new and expensive product becomes hot in the market, cheap copies of Acai power pills begin to be sold at unbelievably low prices by selfish traders to unwary customers soon.

But, when cases of cheating begin to surface frequently, people became more aware and therefore more careful while buying Acai berry pills. The easy way out was of course to trust only reputed companies. But there was a bigger Acai power scam waiting to happen.

To get more people to try out Acai power pills, a large number companies began offering a free limited period trial offer on these pills. Through this offer, even people who were reluctant to try out such pills were allured to give them a chance. This promotional strategy became a hit and there was a surge in the sales of Acai pills. But all those who signed in for the trial program were in for an evil surprise later on. Many of these people had not known that they were actually signing up for a subscription of these pills. So, when more bottles of pills started arriving after the first free bottle and they begun to be charged high prices for the new bottles, they tried canceling their subscription. But the companies were aware that this would happen. Therefore, they had made the process of getting the subscription canceled a really difficult one. Thus the people who attempted to cancel their subscription were actually forced to give up their attempts and let the effective but expensive pills coming in.

Thus, though Acai pills are a blessing for those who are wondering how to lose weight without much effort, one must be wary of the scams that dishonest firms are using to maximize their profits.