Shop at the Op Shop

Everyone likes to look good, but not everyone can afford to pay for top designer brands. We all have those friends that spend a lot of money on the latest fashions and present themselves with confidence when at bars and clubs getting attention and phone numbers.  But there are better ways to spend your money then forking out $200 for a pair of jeans so I guess you just have to wear the same old denim jacket you got back in the 90's...wrong.

Op shops, also known as Charity shops, are a great place to buy some pre loved apparel for a fraction of the original price.  T-shirts and polo tops are a couple of dollars each and I have managed to pick up brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Polo Ralph Lauren and Guess.  There are also other items besides apparel including books, DVDs, and you may even find some cool retro furniture to deck out your pad.

As well as cool modern labels, Op shops are full of old clothes that can be somewhat dated or even very unfashionable.  A great use for these items is to have an Op shop fancy dress party where everyone can enter time warp and come dressed up as a backup dancer from a 70’s rock band. Or you might be lucky enough to find some incredible vintage pieces to make your new look even more individual.

The stores are usually located in shopping strips rather than large malls and shopping centres.  This makes shopping more fun as on a Saturday morning as you can cruise round the suburbs from shop to shop with friends and can always get a few items from each shop you visit.  If you don’t want to venture out to the shops you can also browse the Op shops online.

Apart from getting some good quality clothing as low prices all the money you spend goes to the causes the shops support.  The causes supported include homelessness and heath support.   Plus you can also help those causes by donating any clothes you no longer wear, and this also frees up room in your closet for new purchases.

When it comes down to it if you don’t check out your local Op shops you are missing an “opportunity” to rejuvenate your wardrobe, save some money, and help your community.

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