We cannot live without electricity anymore.

We need electricity even when we are sleeping. We need electricity to keep the fridge cold, and the fan or heater working.

We need electricity for work and home.

The problem is that most of us do not enjoy paying the ever-increasing electricity bill.

How to save money on electricity?

There are a few things we have to do in order to cut down on expenses.

1. Solar power

Many of us cannot afford to pay for a full solar system to power our homes.

That does not mean we cannot make use of solar power.

We can buy solar powered appliances and device, such as solar-powered lamps for the garden and homes.

We can use the natural sun and wind to dry our wet laundry. That is another way to save money on electricity.

If you can afford one or two solar panels, you can start to solar-powered your house partially. You can add on the solar panels when you have the money for it.

2. Switch off

We cannot switch off the fridge, but we can switch off most items when not in use.

These include the TV, the laptop and other electrical items.

Switching off completely is better than putting them on standby mode.

You can read instead of watching TV or playing computer game. Reading is a cheaper hobby if you borrow the books from the library.

3. Sleep early

Most of us living and working in the cities do not have enough sleep.

We tend to check the email or watch TV way pass our bedtime. We can save money on electricity by sleeping early so that we can wake up fresh in the morning.

After all, watching TV and checking email or playing games do not make us richer. We get poorer since we are using the electricity to power the light for the room, and the appliances.

4. New appliances

If you have some appliances that are old models and waste too much electricity, you can buy new appliances.

Make sure you buy the energy saving appliances. That will cut down on electricity usage every month.

The same concept applies to the light bulbs. You will see a great savings after you change all the light bulbs into the energy saving mode.

5. Temperature control

Instead of using the air-conditioner to turn the house colder in summer, you can use the fans whenever possible.

As long as you can fall asleep, and sleep soundly with the fans, you do not really need the air-conditioner.

You do not need to turn the house into a furnace in winter as well. You just need to set the temperature to a level to ensure you do not die of the freezing cold.

You can put more layers of clothing to keep yourself warm.