Electricity Electricity is one of the greatest inventions of the history of man. It makes our lives better in almost every way imaginable but it all comes at a cost. To you and me that cost is the dreaded monthly electric bill. There an unlimited number of ways to use electricity in our modern world but in comparison only a short list of ways to save on electricity. To learn some off these ways keep reading.

A good place to start this project is to contact your electric company and ask them if they perform home audits to evaluate your homes efficiency. If they do not ask them for a recommendation of some one who does. This audit will give you clear path to save on electricity. What you will learn is insulation is your best friend so the very first thing you want to do is to make sure that your walls and ceilings have adequate insulation for your region of the country. The next big thing that needs to be checked is the windows and doors. If your windows are old or are single pained they may need to be replaced. As long as the exterior doors are insulated steel doors then the only thing that may need to be looked at is the weather stripping. Just make sure it seals tight all the way around. A good screen door will also help in blocking wind and act as a first defense against all the elements.

Now that the biggest and potentially most expensive part to save on electricity is done we will move on to the easier part. The next thing that should be checked is your thermostat. If you do not have a digital thermostat it is highly recommended that you purchase and install one. Your first instinct might be to buy the cheapest one you can find but it is well worth the money to upgrade to at least the mid-level price range. With these you should be able to control the temperature of your home four or more times a day seven days a week. So when you are at work or away from the house you can lower or raise the temperature five or ten degrees one way or the other depending on if it's hot or cold out and have it change back an hour or so before you return. You can also adjust it for the time you are sleeping. You can use more or less blankets to make up the difference. Ceiling fan are also a good investment, they can make a big difference in summer and winter. In the winter you want the fan pushing heat down and in the summer you want it to pull the air up. There is normally a switch on the side of the fan to change directions.

A few things that people over look when trying to save on electricity is wrapping your water heater with an insulation jacket, these can be purchased from any home improvement store and are easy to install. While your there buy enough foam pipe insulation to cover all the hot water pipe in your whole house. These two items will help keep the heat from radiating out of the water heater and the lines which is one of the top users of electricity.

Not having your duct work insulated is another common problem especially if the duct work runs under the house or in an un-insulated garage. Just cover it with insulation and make sure is has no leaks. Another part of the heating and air is the filter. Make sure to change the filter when ever needed, it will help your furnace run more efficiently. You can buy filters that are designed to last a set number of day or months just make sure to change it when the time comes.

The plug and switch covers that are on the outside walls of your home can also leak air. You can buy little foam strips that fit behind them to remedy this problem. Changing the light bulbs in your home to CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs is also recommended to help save on electricity. And the number one way to save on electricity is to use less of it. Make sure to turn your lights off when they are not in use. Not only lights but any thing that uses electricity, if it's not being used un-plug it. Just because it's not on doesn't mean it's not sucking up energy so un-plug it and if you can't seem to turn that light of in the bathroom or some other location in the house by a motion sensor and install it in that room. It will turn it's self off after you leave the room and a certain amount of time has passed. Making it easier to save on electricity, hopefully this information is useful and helps lower that dreaded bill at least a little.