Save Plastic Wrap

Pyrex Bowls Save Time and Money

Stop wasting all that plastic wrap every time to want to wrap up the leftovers and store them for a day or two and use Pyrex storage sets instead. 

They are a fantastic way to store your food, whether it's leftovers or dry goods in the pantry. On top of that, they are easy to clean and you can store all types of food in them.

What's Great About Pyrex Storage Sets

Pyrex storage containers are great for a variety of reasons. The most compelling reasons are these.


The heavy-duty glass is the maximum in versatility, usable in the microwave, oven, freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher too!


The non-porous surface of the glass won't pick up stains, like the pesky spaghetti sauce stain on your Tupperware. Because of this they also wash cleanly and hold no odors. Also, you won't have to worry about bacteria living here since these bowls clean very easily.


Pyrex containers are stackable in that they sit well on top of each other. That means if you use them for dry goods in the pantry you will save plenty of space, and if they are in the refrigerator you will be able to see what' in there unlike cloudy plastic containers.


With the variety sets like the 18 piece round set you will have several different sizes to choose from, so you'll always have the perfect size to meet your storage needs.


The high quality flexible plastic lids seal tightly to keep your food fresh.


Since these glass storage containers will last for years, you won't throw plastic wrap away day after day. That's good for the landfill and will save you money.


Using your new glass storage containers is better for you because you can pop them right into the microwave without worrying about heated plastic next to your food.


Because the containers stack neatly into one another when not in use, they save space in your cupboard or pantry until you need them, unlike some other storage containers.

Upgrade to Glass

It's time to get rid of those old, warped, or stained plastic storage containers and upgrade to glass Pyrex storage sets. They are the best storage containers out there to keep your food fresh and last over the long haul. You won't need to replace these containers for a long time.

Add containers like the Pyrex round storage set to your kitchen today and get yourself organized. You won't need that plastic wrap once you have the Pyrex storage set to do the job.