One of the keys to hosting a successful wedding is sending out prompt and well planned save the date notices for your guest list. One unique and practical way to do this is with save the date wedding magnets!

Using save the date wedding magnets is a sure way to add both a hint of unique quality to your wedding's aesthetic, while providing a constant and practical reminder for your guests. Save the date magnets have many virtues that other methods do not.

Below is a list of some of the top reasons to use save the date magnets for your wedding.

1. In Constant View - Think about how many times you open the fridge in a day. We often will glance at the surface of the fridge and scan the magnets that are present before opening the door. What if staring you in the face was a save the date magnet? These magnets are a great way to keep a constant reminder of your wedding fresh in the minds of your guest list. Save the date magnets are likely to find a top spot on the fridge of most recipients thus giving your wedding date a top spot in their minds!

2. Practical - Even long after the big day has come and gone, save the date magnets will often continue to grace the fridge of your wedding guest list. Magnets are always helpful to have around the house, especially on the fridge. Holding up little Jimmy's homework might be your save the date magnet. The practical nature also makes them something of a utility to most people thus allowing for further remembrance of your wedding date.

3. Low Cost - Getting save the date magnets printed at your local printing store, such as Kinkos, is a great low cost way to have your save the date magnets made with high quality and very efficiently. The low cost gives you unique and practical save the date magnets without serious negative effects to your bottom line.

4. Fully Customizable - You can design your save the date magnets at home with some design software and import them into the print shop's computer to be printed now or later. This gives you full control over every aspect of the design except for the size. You will likely be provided with a template for your save the date magnets by the print shop either in house, or you can usually find this online. Save the date wedding magnets are great ways to display an engagement picture with some tasteful and well designed text. Save the date wedding magnets can be a great addition to the overall design of your wedding.

5. Smaller in Size - Typically, save the date magnets are roughly the size of a business card. These are the most low cost models for your save the date magnets. They might be available in other sizes as well. Greater size means more design space, but this will also greatly increase the printing costs of your save the date magnets. Usually, the standard size is plenty. Most print shops will be able to provide you with a sample so that you can decide for yourself.

If you decide on the use of save the date magnets for your big day, then you have made a solid choice that blends both practical aspects as well as great design. Your recipients will likely find the idea clever and this will stand out in their minds. That is precisely the goal when sending save the date of any kind. Save the date magnets are a great way to both stand out and keep your wedding date fresh and in focus. They are sure to stick around for a long time!