If you send a wedding announcement or baby shower invitation, you want people to save the card and hopefully put it somewhere conspicuous so that they remember the date and other details of the event. More often than not, announcements and invitations find their way onto a fridge. You can't argue that fridges aren't conspicuous; they are probably visited more often than most other spots in a house, but they also offer a convenient metal surface to stick announcements to. Problems may occur, though, if the card is too thick. Often you need a bulky magnet just to make sure the card stays put.

Even then, slamming the fridge shut--as young children are prone to do--can cause the card to fall. Clearly, there is room for a better arrangement. Magnet announcements and magnet invitations are a better way. The first reason why magnet announcements and invitations are better is that they are less likely to get lost. Since they already come with their own magnet, people do not have to buy their own magnets to keep the announcement on the fridge. Also, there is less concern about the material the announcement is made from because it comes with its own magnet. All you have to do is take the announcement or invitation out of its envelope and then place it on the fridge. Children can "accidentally" slam the door, and there is no harm done, so there is less chance of the announcement falling off of the fridge and getting lost.

Clearly, magnet announcements are an improvement over traditional announcements. A second benefit of magnet announcements is that they are saveable. I know that my house is not the only one where announcements and invitations tend to occupy space on our fridges long after the event in question has passed. For example, my wife and I have had Christmas cards that stayed on our fridge for more than a year simply because they were a connection, however small, to loved ones. Wedding announcements and baby showers stay on the fridge for months if not years. I don't know exactly why they are hard to throw away, but maybe it's that the announcement or invitation is a reminder of a friendship or kinship, and getting rid of that reminder just feels wrong. With a magnet announcement, you don't have to worry about making room for new announcements by getting rid of old announcements in.

In fact, if you have to, you can use your magnet announcements to hold magnetless announcements in place. Magnet announcements are really not hard to find, nor should they require hours of sticking magnets to the back of card stock. With nothing more complicated than a web search, you can find dozens of companies that specialize in magnet invitations and announcements. Communicating what you want and sending necessary pictures is as simple as sending an email or uploading the pictures to a website. Anyone, even the least technology savvy, should be able to handle ordering and customizing their own wedding announcements. Then you can have the company do all the work of creating and/or assembling the announcement. Magnet announcements are not only time-saving and saveable, they are growing in popularity.

Just think of getting a magnet announcement as doing your loved ones a favor: they're going to want to hold on to your announcement because it is a token of just how precious they are to you and vice versa. You're just making it easier for them to hold on to it. Save fridges everywhere from looking like they are plumed with paper announcements by going with a magnet announcement.