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Clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper is not only a hobby for people to save a few bucks but a necessity for people to get more for their money.  Clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper, in my opinion will eventually fade out.  The rapid growth of technology to print out eCoupons from the web and new eCoupon websites such as SavingStar with no print or clip needed eventually will make the Sunday paper coupons a waste of time and money for companies to print.

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Every couple months I'll sit down to choose, print then cut eCoupons to save a few bucks when I stock up BUT the SavingStar website lets you sign in, choose the eCoupons you want linked to your store loyalty cards, transfers the eCoupons to your store loyalty cards and when it's time to checkout, the eCoupon savings are sent to your SavingStar account.  You don't save the money when you pay at the register however; the savings are directly sent to your SavingStar account and you get to choose how you want to receive the money you saved.  SavingStar payouts can be sent to your PayPal account, you can choose a gift card or donate to charity.

I finally used SavingStar and it worked.  I headed to the food store after work, I did not have my coupons on me so I turned on my Kindle Fire, signed into my SavingStar account, choose two eCoupons to be transferred to my store loyalty cards and when I checkout I made sure I used my store loyalty card.  I placed the receipt next to my computer to check that the money got sent to my SavingStar account and after a couple of weeks the money I saved was directly sent to my account.  I love the fact that I did not have to browse the Sunday paper to clip coupons to save a few dollars.  I was able to use my mobile device to sign in, chose the eCoupons to transfer to my store loyalty cards and saved.  Awesome!  Did I mention the two eCoupons I used were to buy products that were on sale too?  I saved even more money because I used the eCoupons to buy sale items.  Another huge savings.

The concept of no-clip no-print coupons is still new but as more people join and use the SavingStar eCoupon website the more eCoupons will become available.

There are two reasons why I want to adjust to the new way of using eCoupons and they are to save money and time.  If I had a choice I would rather sign in to my SavingStar account from almost anywhere and choose the eCoupons while I'm on the go.  I don't look forward to sitting down to clip, print then organize coupons but I do it every couple of months to save money when I stock up and at least $30.00 per huge shopping visit.  I'm not someone who shops everyday to save money but if I had a choice to go online for two minutes to transfer eCoupons to my store loyalty cards while I was on the go, I probably would shop more often and probably would save a lot more money.  Like I said, I stock up about every two months and when I do I sit down to clip, print, organize coupons and then plan my route for the day and doing so takes time but worth it to get more for your buck.  So if I had a choice, when I'm on the road and passing stores that I know have sales on products I want or need, I can simply sign in, transfer eCoupons to my account then run into the store to buy the products on sale and save using the eCoupon to save BIG.

You can NOT use manufacturer coupons at the same time when using the SavingStar eCoupons but of course you can use SavingStar eCoupons with store sales.  Both coupon savings can NOT be on the same receipt however; you can have the register person ring up two separate orders.  When you are at the register have your mobile device on and be signed into your SavingStar account.  When paying for the first order have the register person scan your store loyalty card FIRST and when they are scanning the products and manufacturer coupons choose the eCoupons to be transferred to your store loyalty card.   By the time your first order is complete and you pay, the eCoupons should have transferred to your store loyalty card and ready for the next order.  If you stock up in bulk using my suggestive tip can help you save more money.

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If you bought two of the same item and have a manufacturer coupon that can be used for buying one item you can use the SavingStar eCoupon to buy the second of the same item.  You will create a system that works for you.  SavingStar eCoupons are not doubled.

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