Millions of people across the globe dish out a pretty siginificant amount of cash each month for cable television programming. And it seems like every year cable providers find a way to charge you more for hidden service fees and extras that you really don't need. Along with these fees, people find themselves locked into contracts that they can't get out of without a hefty charge. So what should you do? Cancel cable for good.

While cancelling cable may seem like a huge decision for television junkies, it's really not such a hard decision given the alternatives. There are plenty of ways to watch all of your favorites television shows and movies without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Here are some great alternatives to cable which will save you money and feed your appetite for entertainment.

Get an HD Antenna

You can get aHD Antennall your local brodcasting channels and more by simply buying an HD antenna. Over-the-air HD broadcasting looks just as good as cable, if not better. Depending on what kind of telelvision you have, you may need to purchase a converter box. If your television has a built in HD tuner, all you need is an HD antenna. This is a great alternative to watch your favorite shows and sports on Fox, NBC, ABC, etc. for free.

Sign Up For Netflix

NetflNetflix (37429)ix brings thousands of movie titles and television shows to the privacy of your home for as low as $10 a month. Along with the ability to have physical dvd's shipped to your house, netflix also has a wide selection of instant movies and television shows you can watch through their website at the click of a button. There are multiple ways to view netflix instantly, including your computer, mobile device, ipad, gaming consoles, televisions, blu ray players and much more.

Not only does netflix bring you your favorite movie titles for a low fee, it also has a wide range of television series and titles that bring commercial free programing. This is a huge advantage to watching cable programing. Although Netflix lacks the ability to watch your current shows, waiting till the seasons come to a close and watching them straight through, commercial-free is a great alternative to cable.

Hulu and Hulu Plus

HuluIf you care about the timing of your shows, Hulu is a great way to watch your favorite shows only hours after they aired. While there are commercials, there are a lot fewer than television. There are tons of episodes and clips from popular shows and movies all for free.

Hulu also offers a subscription service called Hulu Plus for a low flat rate each month, which offers full, timely access to current television series and shows. Hulu is the best alternative to ditching your television viewing schedule and giving you control of the shows you want to watch at your time and your place.

As you can see, there are great alternatives to cable that will not only save you money, but give you conrol over the content. Netflix is a great way to stop settling for "what's on television" on a given night and giving you preference over watching a single episode of a television series or your favorite action movie all in the same library.

All three of these alternatives can be combined for a low cost and save you hundreds of dollars each year. Stop throwing away your money to cable providers and take control of your content!