Stopping our money from fluttering out the door seems to be a full time job in itself these days. We all want to save money, and keep our money, but other than cutting back on expenses outside the home, what else can we do without cutting out fun?

Well here are a few tips for saving money. There are silent budget killers living in our houses. You can't always see them, but they are there, draining a penny here and a penny there around the clock. You may think they look innocent enough, but they are not and they add up.

You have probably sat down with pen and paper and tried to figure out where your money is going, and how to save money right. You have cut back on your takeouts, your coffee on the way to work, the dry cleaning and more. But what else can you do to save money without living like a hermit or taking on a second job?

Old Appliances are Silent Budget Killers

That old fridge you have in the corner of your basement or out in the garage, is sucking all kinds of hydro. If this appliance is more than 10 years old, it is from another era, where electricity costs were not considered in a budget, you needed a fridge so you bought one.

But now there are energy efficient fridges that are using much less power. Multiply that by the amount of appliances in your home, and you will notice the savings instantly, as every new appliance you buy now are rated as "energy efficient". There are even tax incentives that are worth investigating. There is the initial investment, but worth it for your pocket and the environment. There are even programs that will come and pick up your old appliances for free.

You probably did not think twice about the fridge or the freezer or the washer.. but these old appliances will cost you on your hydro bill.

Phantom Power

This is a big one now, as many people don't like to shut things off. Although you computer may go into what they call "sleeper mode" it is still drawing power. Why not power down for overnight? If you know there is going to be a block of time, such as overnight when you will not need to use your electronics that are plugged in, then power down and shut off for the night.

Many offices are doing this now, and the newer computers do not take very long to power back up the next day. Phantom power is a budget killer. Even leaving chargers plugged in and not attached to anything will draw trickle power, but this all adds up. What may seem like pennies over a 24 hour period and then a month will become noticeable on your energy bill.

Even those little air fresheners that you plug in, draw power. If it is plugged in, it is using.

Take a Walk Through Your House and Find silent Budget Killers

Take a Saturday, and really walk through your house. Look at the outlets in all the rooms, and see what is plugged in. Is it something that needs to be plugged in? Sometimes we will forget about things plugged in behind beds and couches that we don't even use.

Aquarium heaters and Pumps

Yes we need these to be plugged in, but how old are your heaters and pumps? If you go and check out some newer models, you will find that there are energy efficient aquarium heaters and pumps now. It may be worth investing in newer equipment to save in the long run.

I know at the office I work at, I took a good look the other day, and saw a camera charger, a phone charger and a air freshener all plugged in, not really doing anything. The phone was not there the camera was not there and the air freshener was empty! But all of these were drawing phantom power.

There are many ways to save money in your house. You just have to take a day, and really look. We tend to be visual, meaning, only dealing with things we see. So, when it comes to saving money, we will tend to look at the actual outlay from our wallet as this is a physical action.

But lurking in the background, are those silent budget killers, that are eating away at your money.

So, educate yourself and your kids, and try and change some habits. If you are not charging the cell phone that don't leave the charger plugged in. Do you really need those plug in air fresheners? If you do, when was the last time you checked it to see if it was empty?. Anything that gets plugged in will draw some power.

Check Your Local Power Company for Cheaper Rates

Many townships now are getting outfitted with more modern readers for the hydro companies, and they are also charging higher rates for high usage times such as between 7 am and 9 pm. If your area does this, then you can save money by setting your dishwasher to start after 9 pm or in the night. Many of the newer appliances have delay buttons on them.

So, not only will you save money on the newer appliances but if they are equipped with timer buttons you can set them and delay them to go after 9 pm or in the night, and save money there.

The above tips can make a difference on you monthly energy bills and save money. This is just but one area to look at when it comes to saving money. We all get so busy, and are also in love with our electronics, that are suppose to help us with our busy days, but they can also be costing us, and are those silent budget killers.

If you are trying to save money, and are considering a second job to help out, why not invest a day and start looking at the silent budget killers in your house. If you can cut from all of your bills across the board, you may not have to get that second job.

So, you have to remember that silent budget killers, are not always obvious, take the time and see what is plugged into your walls, and stopped the pennies from trickling out into someone else's pockets!