Every where we look someone wants our money. Doesn't it always seem that way? That even at work you seem to be always opening your wallet or searching for change?

A friend of mine works in a large office tower in the city. She said everything was fine until a Starbucks showed up in the lobby. So, at first it was just for a special treat, that her and her co-workers would go down to the lobby at break or after lunch and get a fancy coffee. As good as they taste they can be expensive.

Then it started turning into a daily habit, then on long days, or busy days it became twice a day. Before she knew it, money was always slipping through her fingers or out of her wallet. Her co-workers felt the same, but no one wanted to stop, a habit had already formed. They were so busy with projects at work, that they enjoyed the distraction of going downstairs.

Until finally she said, enough. She brought the subject up at work with her co-workers while they were sipping on their special coffee, and they all agreed, that as nice as it was, it was adding up big time. But what to do? The office vending machine tasted bad, and they liked getting out of the office.


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So, for $39.99 they purchased a small coffee maker from Wal-Mart, and they all chipped in for it. They would all take turns with coffee purchase and the fixings, and this way they were still getting fresh coffee, and could experiment with the flavors of coffees for much less. They also decided, to bring their running shoes to work, and at lunch, they would take a quick walk around the block to get out of the office.

At the end of the day, they realized just how much money they were saving, and how much they enjoyed the walk, rather that just sitting in the office or in the coffee shop at lunch. They agreed, that they would use the coffee shop for special treats, rather than say "no more".

This exercise just shows, how in our busy lives, we can quickly form bad habits, that take more money from our pockets. But if you can quickly form good habits in the same amount of time, not forgo the treat and yet put money back in your pocket, then you are ahead of the game and do not feel deprived.

You sometimes just have to stop, and say "there must be another way" there usually is, but we don't want to think about it, or could not be bothered thinking about it, because it is easier to complain but keep doing the same thing over and over. For the cost of some of those special coffees, that can run $4.00 or more, that is $20.00 per week during a work week. That could get you a movie and some fun on the weekend.

So, next time you are wondering why you are getting to the end of your money before the end of the week, take a look at some of your daily habits. Bring it up with your co-workers, they may have quickly thought the same thing but did not think to bring it up. Money is funny with some people. Many don't like to talk about it, and don't want to admit that they should be watching their spending.

But once she brought up, just how much they were all spending, and how that could get them to the movies on the weekend, they thought about it. Was the special coffee worth it? They decided no, and organized the purchase of the coffee maker.

So, if you work in an office with others, and your spending is up, then talk to others about it, maybe you can come up with a plan.

This way you get to keep more of your paycheck for the things you want to do.