Best Dollar Store Deals

What are the best dollar store deals? Shopping at a dollar store can save you more money than you realize and these stores offer some great bargains on things you use every day.  When you shop at these locations you typically have to go more than once or twice per week because the inventories change very quickly and you might miss out on some products that could only be in stock for a short period of time.

In this article we’ll examine some of theproducts you use every day that you can buy at these stores and some you should stay clear of. If you want to save money on small purchases the dollar store is the way to go. Don’t spend retail, shop at your local dollar store.


Dollar stores are perfect for those who like to snack. They carry many brands of chocolate bars, gum, cookies, and other snack foods. They can sometimes have name brand bags of chips in smaller packages. Many stores feature a drink machine at the front of the store where you can get a cold beverage for less than you would elsewhere. I buy there include bags of nuts which are drastically cheaper than those you buy in the regular super market. Many of their no name chips are not the greatest so you might want to avoid those. Most of the cookies and other treats tend to be of poor quality but occasionally you can find some god ones such as Maple Crème cookies which I buy here in Canada.

Soups, Sauces, and Dry Goods

The dollar store is a great place for those who like soups. Often they carry major brands at either a $1.00 or two for a can which is much cheaper than the store bought ones.  If you like noodles they often carry the dried noodles in a cup too. They sometimes have brand name spaghetti sauce and they usually always have some type of beans, rice packets and other similar goods. In fact I bought two bags of rice for $5.00 where it would have cost me over $10.00 at the grocery store. Other good deals include canned tuna, salmon, sardines, and other small seafood cans. Dollar stores often carry dried spices which are decent but not as good as those in the grocery store. You’ll occasionally find sugar, olive oil, pickles, apple sauce, and some baking products. Be sure to read all the labels on your food products because some of the brands they carry are of very poor quality and full of salt. Food products will vary from store to store and yours may have completely different goods.

Kitchen Products

The dollar store is perfect for those just moving into their first place because they carry most of the kitchen products you’ll need to get started. They have basic cutlery and most of the plastic cooking utensils you’ll end up using.  They often have smaller rolls of brand name wrapping products such as plastic wrap or aluminum wrap. They carry aluminum trays for cooking in as well as the inserts which go under your burners at a low cost. They do carry paper products but for the most part these are quite poor and you’re better off buying these at the supermarket when they go on sale.   The stores do sometimes have brand name cleaners too in smaller containers. Most of the no name brands aren’t that great but they will do the job if you can’t afford the better products. Some great deals include plastic containers you use every day and coffee mugs too.


The dollar store also tends to carry a whole host of personal care products including toothpaste, razors, shampoos and other beauty products.  At the dollar store these products are usually hit and miss and you have to shop carefully. Most of the no name shampoos and other bottled products aren’t the greatest but you can find brand named goods on occasion. One product they do carry plenty of is small hygiene products which are great if you are traveling since you can’t take large bottles of anything with you on the plane. Their tooth brushes aren’t that great and I have had one break in half before so I now buy them when they go on sale at Wal-Mart. I do buy bags of ten razors since I refuse to pay twenty dollars for a brand name razor package. Watch for the brand name products and scoop those up but avoid most of the no name hygiene products because you won’t get anything of much quality.


Dollar store do carry hardware items but the quality is less than ideal for most projects. The batteries aren’t very good and they won’t last very long. They carry tape, light bulbs, and other small items which will do the jobs you need them for. Their tools are nothing short of junk and aren’t recommended unless you need something very basic on hand. For the most part I avoid the hardware section unless I need some small part right away.


While dollar stores do carry cables and other small electronics I would avoid these. Their USB cables and other similar electronics aren’t very good and things such as earphones will fall apart in short order. Some good deals include carrying cases for small items and they occasionally have plastic covers for your phone or other mobile device. Shop at a regular electronics store for your electronic gear unless you need to replace a cable right away for something. Don’t think of a dollar store electronic as your main component it will work until you can buy something better.


One place dollar stores excel is in special occasion goods. You can buy plastic cups, plates, cutlery, and get all sorts of cards, ribbons, wrapping paper and cards for a fraction of what you’ll pay in the regular store. They often carry those nice bags you can use to put your gifts in. They also have those helium balloons too which make for some nice decorations during a birthday party. The dollar store can’t be beat if you throw lots of parties and need decorations. The often have coloring books and other small books for kids.


Dollar stores carry toys buy you won’t find anything of real value here and most of these products will probably break in short order. They do carry hard plastic toys from time to time such as dinosaurs or figures which can be fine but I would avoid most of the toy products you just won’t get much of value here.  For holidays they can have some accessories you can use though such as hats or props such as a plastic sword.

Best Dollar Store Deals

The dollar store has so many great deals it’s tough to decide which are the greatest bargains. If you want to save on general items the dollar store can’t be beat in most areas. Like every product you do have to be careful what you buy and you will buy some flops from time to time. Ask your friends who shop at these stores their opinions on products to buy and avoid. Have fun shopping at the dollar store for the best dollar store deals.