There is no doubt about it, whenever you buy clothing you have the potential for spending a lot of money. In the economic times where money is tight for many of us, finding ways to save and still look good is definitely a must. You don't have to spend a fortune on your wardrobe and you can still look great!

Second Hand Stores.
For many people the word second hand stores is one that is almost dirty. However, many second hand stores offer a lot of great things at really great prices. Sure there are also the things that your great great grandma wouldn't be caught dead in, but sifting through the bad to find the good is always worth it. Also you can go to consignment shops which are more likely to offer great stuff because it is stuff people are trying to sell verses stuff that they gave to a charity. Either way, hitting up second hand stores can save you a lot of money while giving you lots of options.

EBay is one of those things that is really wonderful in life. Here you can find individual clothes that you like and even whole lots to increase the size of your wardrobe quickly. Search clothing by your size and by the pieces that you are looking for. Make sure that you set a maximum amount you are willing to pay once you decide to get the piece. You can then ignore the auction completely (often good for not causing you to bid more then you should) or be careful and not over bid. EBay can provide you with a lot of great deals as long as you don't get caught up in the bidding and over spend.

Online Shopping.
Many online stores offer a great variety as well as some great prices. In addition to these bargains out there you can do comparative shopping and search out the best deals. This can make it easier for you to find what you need and want at bargain prices.

Walmart, Target, Meijer, and Kmart.
While many people have a bad image of clothing at these stores more and more of them are providing you with designer names and great deals. You can find very attractive clothing that is well made and not going to wear out any faster then many other more expensive brands. Because of this shopping at these stores is often a great idea.

If you do have favorite name brands or stores that sell more expensive clothing then hit up their sales. Ask when the best sales will be (associates will often tell you), go after season and buy next years seasonal clothing, and look for the best deals. While these stores may be more expensive under normalcircumstances a good sale can make them much more affordable.

Other Tips.
Part of saving money on your clothing is changing your habits as well as finding the best places to shop. Many of us have expensive habits and with some adjustments can save a lot of money for today and for the future.

  1. Will I really wear it? There are thousands upon thousands of people who have items in their closets that they have never worn. The item was bought with good intentions that never panned out. Only buy things you are sure you will wear. This will save you closet space as well as a lot of money.
  2. Ask yourself when, where, why, and how. While you consider whether or not you will wear it ask yourself when you will wear it. If you can come up with a when then ask yourself where. For example if you figure you will wear it next week, then where are you going where it will be a good option. Consider why you will wear it (to look sexy, to lookprofessional ) and finally how you will wear it. If you can answer these questions and come up with reasonable answers then it is time to continue on.
  3. What will you wear it with. Often times we find items that we fall in love with only to discover or feel like we have nothing to go with it once we bring it home. Consider the other clothing items needed for you to wear it, consideraccessories , and consider shoes. It is also a good idea to consider under garments (do you have a bra that you can wear with it?) If you have the items needed to wear with it then it is probably a good option.
  4. Think on it. If you are talking about a major purchase (more then $20-40) then it is a good idea to think on it. After all, you really don't want to get that $100 dress home only to never wear it. Give yourself a day or two to consider the item and then make the decision. Most of the time you will decide you don't really need it (impulse shopping is often most expensive and where you are more likely to get things you don't need, want, or won't wear).
  5. Make a clothing budget. Each month you should make a clothing budget. Consider what you will need, what you will want, and how much money you can afford to spend on these items. Carefully plan a way to keep your budget as well.
  6. Don't go with more money then you can afford to spend. The easiest way to stick to your budget is to leave the plastic and check book at home. Instead bring along the amount of cash that you have to spend and avoid using other payment methods. This way you will stick to what you can afford and you won't go over.
  7. Don't go where you know its too expensive. Often times it is easy to torture ourselves and find things we "have to have" but can't afford. If this is something you struggle with then avoid stores that you know carry things you can't afford. This is especially true in stores that carry only expensive items and that run few sales.
  8. Avoid malls. While you don't have to make the avoid malls a concrete rule, it is a good idea to avoid them whenever you feel tempted, if they cause you spending problems, or if you just don't have the money to go. If you really want to "window shop" then leave all the money at home and just enjoy the mall. Remember that most things in the mall are going to be more expensive then in other shopping locations.

Saving money while shopping for clothing can be done. You need to consider where and when you should shop. Then you need to have the right mind set, be determined, and disciplined. It is easy to over spend on clothing, but it is something that you can control!