Ink Cartridges


We all know the feeling; you are writing an important document on your computer, you select "Print" and then you hear that awful noise: your printer is out of ink. You go to the store and pick up some cartridges, and you shell out almost sixty bucks doing so every time you make a trip. Printer ink is probably one of the most expensive things that you need to upkeep with your computer and technology items. Most people don't know about the easy ways to cut down on costs and to save more ink every month. Here are some ways that you can save money on printer ink. 

Buy Online

Firstly, buying ink from the store is going to cost you a lot more than if you bought in bulk online. You can actually save money just by doing this simple step. A great website that has really low prices is It will save you more money buying a lot of ink now for cheap then having to waste gas money in addition to your out of pocket costs going to the store and buying the ink. 

Shake It Up!

Most people don't know that if you actually shake up your ink cartridges, you will be able to use them for longer. This is because when the powder sticks to the top of the cartridge, it does not get used. A lot of powder gets stuck in there. I tried this out for myself and found that I had another full cartridge of ink once I shook it up. My printer recognized that it was empty, and then after shaking it and putting it back in, it actually showed a completely full bar and treated it as if it was a brand new cartridge. It's amazing what something so simple can do for you money wise!


Recycling your cartridges is actually a great way to earn a few extra bucks. Yes, that's right, they actually give you money to recycle used printer cartridges. This is an offer you simply cannot pass up and it will give you a little cash back from the money that you spent on the ink in the first place. 

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Instead of having to buy brand new every time, you can refill them with ink instead. This will save you TONS of money. Who knew that cheap made plastic could really cost you that much? If you don't want to refill them yourself, having someone refill them for you is also an option. However, that will probably cost you a little bit of cash, but not nearly as much as if you had to buy them brand new every time. 

Print in Grey Scale

If it's possible, print in grey scale. This uses half the amount of black ink that your printer would normally use, so you can make it all last longer. This also helps when you do need to use a lot of ink you have already saved up enough to print out that picture or big project you have been waiting for. 


Paying for ink does not have to be expensive if you know what to do and how to manage your ink consumption. Be smart about what you are printing, and try not to waste ink on something you don't absolutely need. Get your cartridges refilled or recycle them so that you can save money in the long run. Buy ink or cartridges in bulk online instead of paying so much money just to go to the store and buy them in person. Shake your cartridges to make the ink last longer and receive up to 100 more useful prints out of your ink. All of these tips should help you save money this month and put that into something more important whether it's making a down payment on a house, buying a new car, or getting that big screen TV you have always dreamed about.