Almost everyone need a phone don't they? It seems like its the most basic necessity today, but your phone can still be pricey once you add of all the features that are included. Well if you have ever wanted to cut your bill, there are a myriad ways. Its just a matter to eliminating features you simply don’t need. And sometimes its choosing the service that is cheaper.

 Start Looking Around

 Years ago there used to be a monopoly among the Ma Bells. But those days have disappeared and there are many providers that are looking to bundle deals together and give you added savings. You can simply go straight to their website and see what kind or pricing and or promotions they are running at the time. If you can’t find the exact pricing it may be time to look elsewhere.

 If your an employee of a certain company or your a member of an organization like AAA, you may qualify for certain incentives. 

 Sometimes your location will mandate what service you can use. If this is the case you may only have one choice. 

 Choose From Various Services

 You no longer have to settle for one phone option. There are 3 different types of phone options you can choose from.  These will include a cellular phone, Internet based phone, and of course a land line. Many renters choose to forgo a landline and use their cell phone as their man provider.  And if you make a lot of long distance phone calls, you might want to consider purchasing a VOIP service. This will allow you to make phone calls over the Internet.


 Bundles are the new and lower the cost of services for a landline, mobile phone, Internet, and cable services. The more services you purchase, the lower the cost for each. Service providers are now bundling services so customers will use one company of all services. And this could mean more savings in your pocket.