One way to save money is to replace cable with an hdtv antenna. Losing cable channels you watch may be traumatic, but the cost savings will help ease the pain.


TV cable companies offer premium programming as an incentive to use their services. This may include their premium channels for 3 months. Offers Vary. Cable companies structure program options for the channels they provide. The cheapest option is one that gives local stations and no more. After this basic service, the cable providers offer tiers that provide more channels. These tiers include sports programming, movie channels and specialty programs, such as home improvement and educational channels. The premium channels are added to the different tiers. The complete package gives all the premium channels and those in the lower tiers. With some cable companies high definition is only included with the premium tiers. With most cable providers any option will cost more.

HD Antenna 

The factor for the best hdtv antenna reception is how close and the amount of obstructions between the receiving television and the station transmitters. In a good area simple itv antennandoor TV aerials may be sufficient. If within a 50 mile radius, the air antennas work depending on factors such as obstructions, etc. The antenna size and elevation are big factors in reception. Difficult areas may need power boosters and directional antennas that rotate to focus on a specific transmitting tower. Putting the HDTV antenna at as high an elevation sometimes improves reception.

HDTV antennas have a wide price range, but there aren’t monthly fees. Prices range from under 10 dollars for rabbit ears up for  the best outdoor system. Check out hd antenna reviews. If the reception area is extremely difficult, it may be worthwhile to check with a company that sells and installs antennas.

Over The Air Television

Channels use their extra airspace since the digital conversion to provide more channels. The primary channel is channel number.1, and others are cn.2 etc. These extra channels air movies, weather reports, and other programs. PBS airs programs they don’t air on the main station and repeat programs on their secondary stations.

High Definition Antennas

Hdtv antennas is a marketing term used after TV programming went digital. Antennas receive both digital and analog signals. The frequency is the determining factor, not the signal. Antenna size and boosters are more factors for getting over the air reception.

It’s possible to use existing cabling with over the air antennas. If the cable company ran cables to a box in the attic, that cabling can be used with a HDTV antenna. If there’s a TV in the living room hook the cable to the tv and find the other end that is in the attic and hook the antenna to that. It’s an easy way to connect the two. Finding the correct cable may be a trial and error method if there are several incoming cables in the