Who doesn’t like to save money?  Remember these tips!

Savings at Grocery Store:  Before you go shopping, make a list.  Simply shop from the list of things you need.  Don’t add impulse items to your cart – stick with the list.  Another way to save is to buy only what’s on sale.  For example, my grocery store will have buy one get one English roasts, and have potatoes, carrots and onions on sale as well.  Check out your store’s weekly sales ahead of time, create your menu from items that are on sale and put them on your list.  Of course, use coupons.  Clip them to your shopping list so you don’t forget to bring them with you.  And, make sure you have and use your grocery store’s saving card.  Some stores will send coupons based on items you tend to purchase.

Savings for Dining In:  Use a 30 day cooking plan.  There are many cookbooks (that you can borrow from your local library), to help you prepare a month of meals at once by providing a plan – from the shopping list through how to prepare everything in one day.  This will not only help save money, but the most precious thing, time.  You can adapt the menus using your own family’s recipes.   A great way to use this system is to invite a friend to join you.  That way you can split up the shopping, but enjoy the day preparing meals together.  While entertaining at home, you can save money by inviting friends over and having them bring a dish on your menu. They are going to ask what they can bring anyway, right?

Savings while Dining Out:  Eat early.  Many restaurants have early bird specials – take advantage of them.  Great deals can be found online, too.  Search for Denver deals, for example, if you live near Denver.  Also, don’t forget to check your mail for local coupon booklets.  When planning to eat out, call ahead and ask the restaurant when they have specials.  For instance, one restaurant near me has half off pizzas on Monday and Tuesday every week.  For any special occasion celebration, always ask what specials are available.  Be sure to check rewards on various credit cards, debit cards, etc.  Many have points you can exchange for gift cards for the restaurant or store of your choice.  Finally, if you have children, be sure to find out which places near you that hold kids eat free nights!