At some point and time, every home owner needs to update or remodel a room or more in their home. There are a few simple things you can keep in mind when remodeling to help you save money.

Saving Money on Paint

Walk into any home or painting store and ask them if they have any "oops" paint on hand. Chances are they'll know exactly what you're talking about. We all know that paint looks a lot different on your walls at home then it does in the store or on the little color swatch. Many times people change their minds about paint and/or the person mixing the paint makes a mistake. This is where "oops" paint comes into existence.

"Oops" paint is simply paint that no-one wants or was a mistake or mis-order. Often it is a single gallon or as much as a 5 gallon bucket or more. For example, I found a 5 gallon bucket of brownish beige oops paint at a local home store and was able to purchase it for $7! That's huge price savings. I was able to paint our entire second story bedrooms and basement with this high quality neutral colored paint.

paintObviously you may not find the exact color you want, so you have to be patient and it helps to be on the lookout for oops paint all the time in case you need it later. You also have the option of mixing paint to get the color you want.

Finding Cheap Carpet

Another great option for saving money on remodeling is looking for carpet remnants. Most people think remnants are inferior carpet; which is not necessarily the case.

Many times carpet mills actually cut off from 10 to 20 feet of a carpet roll at the end of a custom order. This is so they're sure they have enough carpet in the order. These bound carpet remnants are then sold at reduced prices directly from the mill or sold off to local carpet warehouses or retailers.

If looking for any type of carpeting online, always be aware of shipping costs. Since carpet is extremely heavy, the shipping costs can often cost more than the carpet itself. Your best option is to visit local carpet stores and see what remnants they have on hand. Again, patience is key in finding what you'll need for your carpeting job.

Remnants also come to be from large installation jobs. The remnants are then offloaded to local retailers or warehouses where they're sold at reduced prices. If you find a good installer, they can often install the remnants with minimal seams visible. We actually carpeted our entire 15x20 basement with high quality olefin carpet that was purchased as remnants at great savings. Olefin is great for high traffic areas such as recreation rooms.

The key to saving money is being patient and maybe compromising on the color or pattern. By keeping in the back of your mind that you may want to re-carpet an area in the future, you're able to keep your eyes open to good deals on remnants when you find them.