Credit: Yoel Ben-Avraham/Flickr

Capturing Coupon Savings in the Digital World

If you are not using digital coupon codes when you should online, you may be missing out on a world of savings.  Whether you are shopping from home or on the go, digital coupons are available to help you get the products you want or need at prices you can afford.

Shopping from Home

With online shopping opportunities proliferating the market, using coupon codes have become a key way for retailers to attract customers to their sites.  The same opportunities that exist in traditional paper coupons can be found for online businesses including percent-off, free shipping, buy-one-get-one free, and dollar-amount discounts.

To begin saving money online, consider checking the variety of coupon compiling websites.  For those on a budget, getting the best deal should be a priority, so store-based loyalty may not always be the best answer.  Not only will these sites list current codes for your preferred retailers, they will also present options that you may not have initially considered.

If you do not already get sales-related emails from the online stores you usually shop, then take a minute to sign up.  For those really looking to land the best bargains, sign up for newsletters from alternate retailers that you are open to shopping through as well.  This will help ensure you have cast the widest net in order to gain access to the best opportunities.

You can also make search engines do some of the work for you.  Create a Google alert for the products for which you are looking and include other key words, such as “sale,” “coupon,” “deal,” or “discount.”  When your selected word combination is found, you will automatically receive a message letting you know.

Shopping On the Go

Just because you aren’t shopping online doesn’t mean you cannot put digital coupons to work for you.  Many major grocery stores with reward or loyalty cards allow you to load coupons onto the associated account.  This can give you access to store exclusive savings as well as manufacturer’s coupons.  Once they are loaded, a simple swipe of your reward card, or the quick entry of the phone number associated with the account, automatically applies any applicable savings without the need for carrying around a pocket full of paper.

If you shop certain stores regularly, consider downloading their smartphone app for special savings opportunities.  Some apps can be used to display coupon register codes or even scan-able barcodes that serve the same function as a paper coupon.  At times, these offerings are exclusive to app users and, if you have an associated account, may even be generated specifically for you based on your shopping habits.

For those who don’t use a smartphone, but do own a cell phone, text-based savings alerts may be the way to go.  Received as a simple text message, the code is sent directly to your phone and can be presented to the cashier at checkout.  As with app-based savings, offers received over text message may only be available to those who are signed up to receive them.

Savings at Your Fingertips

Digital coupons are not the only savings you can find online.  Store circulars, general sales announcements, and clearance items can also be found while shopping online.  If you take the time to combine all of your savings options, you can certainly make your budget go farther for not just the things you want, but the things you need too.