don't just back up your files or share your pictures, save some money too

5. Purchasing music vs. Audio Streaming Software

If you purchase from Amazon or iTunes prices vary between $0.69 and $1.29 per track, and an album might cost you around $7.99, a Spotify premium subscription will let you stream as much music as you like, without adverts and let you sync playlists off-line to your compatible mobile device (including the iPhone and iPod touch as well as the huge variety of android and blackberry smartphones) for only $9.99 a month.

If buy more than one album a month you’d be better off with Spotify, and that’s without the fact that Spotify Premium also streams at 320kbits/s. Set up your smartphone or iPhone to only sync via wifi and you don’t even need an all inclusive data plan.

4. Film TV and Video streaming vs. DVD rental

Services provided from companies such as Netflix and Lovefilm provide unlimited streaming of films and TV shows for as little as $7.99 a month, while both these companies will provide you with DVDs and Bluray Discs if that’s what you want, you’ll find you are limited by the number of discs you can have at any one time and the turnaround via the postal service, so if you want to watch lot of things, without the wait for a disc to turn up, or you want to watch something on a mobile device this is another great cloud service. Add in compatibility with your gaming console as well as the growing number of internet TVs and embrace the on-demand revolution.

3. Get used to ebooks

Ok so not strictly “cloud”, at least not until ebook lending libraries are here, but you might not be aware that you can lend eligible kindle editions just by going to account and managing your kindle. It’s also worth remembering that free Kindle readers are available for just about every platform out there and that there are huge repositories, such as Project Gutenberg, with thousands of free out of copyright books you can just download.

2. Satellite Navigation

Several services, including Google Maps and Waze, provide free (on the basis you are on an all-inclusive data plan) satellite navigation applications for most smartphone devices; you need to take a long hard look at whether purchasing a standalone device without all the advantages of downloading data relevant to your travels (traffic, accidents, police speed traps etc) is worth it if you have a compatible device.

1. Work from home (or Starbucks, although that might not save you any money!)

Why not save some gasoline and work from home? You can’t because you need to collaborate on documents and e-mailing just get’s messy? Your company doesn’t have a VPN or remote access to its SharePoint servers? Why not take some time to look at the variety of cloud based storage and collaboration services such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Box and iCloud. Even if you need to work across these services because one customer uses Google Docs and a supplier is committed to Dropbox, it’s possible to solve this with a service like Joukuu which integrates most of these and provides a way to collaborate and share across multiple accounts.