Evernote is an application which ambition is to be your second brain. It thrives to capture everything and it does a pretty good job in it. Evernote is a web/desktop/smart phone application where you can store notes, PDF's, webpages and you can also snap photo's.

Everything is stored online, which enables you to reach all your notes from everywhere you are, even on your iOS, Android or Blackberry device.


Evernote setup and features

Evernote comes with a couple of cool features, but first you need to set up Evernote. Just head over to the website, sign up and download the applications you wish. Highly recommended is to use a desktop application and of course your smart phone application.

Evernote's features:

  • Online storage of everything. You can store notes, wish lists, scans and even PDF's.
  • Storage with one shot. With a good camera you don't even need a scanner. You can just shoot a photo from within the app and it will be stored.
  • Great search function. Evernote will search through all the text, but through all the pictures as well. It can actually read your pictures!

Using Evernote to Store Personal Files

I personally use Evernote as a student all the time, but over here I would like to share some tips for personal files.

Important letters, declarations and others

Important people get important letters right? Now you probably have some sort of system to store letters, I think Evernote can give you a better one:

  • Scan the letter/declaration or whatever immediately. Scan it and put it in Evernote.
  • Put the physic letter in a big box. Don't try labeling or whatsoever, just put it in a box, you probably won't need it anymore, but just in case.
  • If you need the letter, search for it on Evernote. Most of the times a copy of the letter is enough. Give them the copy which you easily printed from Evernote.
  • In case the real file is necessary. Look it up in the box.

You will need to look up the file almost never. This means you don't need a frustrating system anymore, if you just leave it to the search function you are good to go! I did this with all my papers, including papers about credit cards and everything. All stored online now, available at my request.

Interesting people/places

If you are somewhat like me you would love to receive a business card. And if you are somewhat like me you keep them in your wallet until your wallet is too heavy to carry around. What I do now is after a conference or something I scan all the business cards. (Most of the times by just snapping photo's of it with my iPhone.) I put them all in Evernote and I add a couple of tags, for instance the place where we met (as this is something I tend to remember). If I need the person I only need to look it up in Evernote!

Using Evernote for Personal Files

Wish lists

Evernote is also a good way to store your wish lists. I have a big wish lists (mostly consisting of books) which I keep in Evernote. It is just a list, nothing fancy. I can edit it from my smart phone (nice if you get an idea somewhere) and I send it to people when they ask what I would like to get for my birthday or whatever.

A great way to get rid of the awkward 'I don't know, I already have everything', because be honest, you always want something, you just forgot it at that moment.

These are three great ways to use Evernote to save personal files! I get a lot of enjoyment out of using Evernote, I hope you do the same. If you have tips to share, let us know how you use Evernote to save personal files!