Road to Financial Freedom

10 Financial Freedom tips

Tips That will put Fast Cash back in your stash

Have a Change Jar:

This was by far the most beneficial technique that has aided me in fantastic financial growth. By taking your change at the end of each day and placing it into a one-way jar, (meaning you cannot take money out). You will be amazed at how quick the return on investment can give you fast cash now

Shop For Insurance:

In almost all cases, I can say that every year my insurance premiums change and so I find myself doing a little shopping to see who provides the best rates. I can guarantee that you are all over-paying on your insurance premiums. You will be impressed to find that if you shop around and take advantage of multi-product discounts, you can save a substantial amount of funds.

Drink Water:

We all know that all life needs water to live, human beings are no exception. Drinking water has significant health benefits and can help us to stay hydrated, think clearly and uplift our mood. If you're looking to add some flavour to nature's elixir; use the juice of a lemon.

Eat At Home:

This alone can save several hundreds of dollars, which will accelerate your financial freedom. Simply purchase vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and grains; get some seat time in the kitchen, prepare your own meals in large quantities, then freeze them. This prevents the need to order pizza or spend a few dollars on an unhealthy meal or costly take-out. If you can save up the cash with these tips, invest in a deep freezer, pressure cooker, and the right cooking equipment. The time to prepare meals is drastically reduced, your selection can be increased, and the ease of implication rises along with quality of health.

Cancel Unused Memberships/Subscriptions:

I have personally helped many friends, colleagues and acquaintances put double-digit dollars in their pockets, simply by justifying their expenses and aiding them in rationalizing where they spend their money. This is a common one, mainly because the service is paid with monthly pre-authorized credit card payments or bank account withdrawals, so we see the total and just pay the bill without thinking twice. Find these money depleters and get them out! If you can find the service/information for free via internet, a friend, or the library; take advantage. If it's fitness, perhaps invest in your own personal equipment. If a hobby, do it recreationally with friends. If it's something that is not worth your money, cancel it. If you realize you have a true passion for whatever it may be, you can easily sign back up. 

If Its Broken... Google It:

I love this tip, mainly because it's one that I use all the time. From trying to understand how something works, acquiring a skill, or just to gain information. It is such a powerful tool that you can use to your advantage. Simply go to Google, type in your problem and instantly Google spits out hundreds of thousands of related answers, anything from other peoples experience, tutorials, or how-to videos; everything is right at your finger tips. So before calling a "Mr. Fix-it", use the internet.

Do Your Own Auto Maintenance:

This is used with the above tip if you're not mechanically inclined, just Google "how-to (my problem)". Once a month or when needed, I will take the time to do the following on my car: Oil Change, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Spark Plugs, Air Filter Cleaning, Replace Head/Tail/Signal Lights, Brake Lines, Fuse Replacement and Tire Pressure. REMINDER: I AM NOT A MECHANIC! Setting aside a window of time to do some of these things is well worth the savings, it gives you knowledge of your vehicle, and saves you potentially hundreds in mechanic fees.

Use Power Bars/Strips:

If you have a collection of electronics all plugged in 24/7 this adds to a costly hydro bill. Having these items connected to a power strip and being diligent about powering them down is going to reward you with a happy hydro bill. This is also true if you are going on vacation. The night before vacation, unplug and turn off all unnecessary electrical items. For the rest of the house, you can use a timer.

Cut Your Own Hair:

At first this might sound impractical, and intimidating. Believe me it was. After I bought my first set of clippers and watched some how-to videos, I found myself with the courage to give it a go. The result was a decent cut, and an even better look from then on. You will develop a skill and a technique that works for you. To add to these savings you can also shave in the shower using soap as lather, I have found this to be cost and time effective.

Consolidate The Debt:

Like all of us, we want convenience, and there is nothing convenient about receiving 10 different bills in the mail all saying we owe money. Take all the debts you have, consolidate them into one easy payment and put them on a pre-authorized payment plan. You should know how much you need in your account to cover these balances. Ultimately, you're saving by going paperless and consolidating the monthly payments. You will actually get out of debt faster, eliminate the stress and clutter, while saving the planet.


If you're really looking to maximize your annual revenue, sell your television. I can honestly say that this was the best decision I have ever made, while relishing every moment of it. I am able to be highly productive, work on developing myself, and give myself more free time which allows me to focus on education, acquiring new skills, and reducing the amount of negative influence from the media. It has lead to a more abundant, richer life and I have a higher net worth after discarding the television. Just something to consider.


These are some great tips that can help you put money back into your wallet leaving you feeling more secure in your finances and helping to live a happy, abundant life. From my own personal experience these tips have helped me into having more money at the end of the month and also provide stability in case of absurd scenarios that live throws me. If you would like to add some of your fast cash money saving tips leave a comment below this article. I would love to know what you guys are doing to save money. Thank you for the time to read this article, I hope everyone has a great day and good luck in the future.