If you write online you may love the fact that you are earning money everyday but have you thought about your future when it comes to YOUR money? See I did a long time ago and even though I have little money saved I thought to myself where could I save some of my online earnings at a low cost and a higher interest rate than most banks?

The answer to that question for me was ING Direct Savings. It was free to signup and was very easy to use and create. I think the minium I needed to start was 25$ and at the time I was able to earn a free 25$ as well for starting my account. I did need a checking to start this online savings but the rates and the fact that I did not have to keep a certain amount in the account works out rather well for me. I am not sure if you can have an ING direct savings living in another country but it is worth a shot to look into no doubt.

So here is an idea to start saving that internet money monthly. First start off small if you are not really into saving money although you really should be:) Let's start off with 5$ a month. Place it in the bank or a jar at home and do this for a few months until you get enough to open the ING Direct Savings account. Next after you achieve this goal start making the monthly goal larger as you go. If you start off small I feel we are more likely to get to where we want to concerning saving money.

Savings is really mind over matter and once you have a good system down saving money will come to you like second nature. I suggest ING direct but you are welcome to look online and in your local town to see where you can find the best savings deal concerning the amount to start with as well as how much money must stay in the account at all times. Either way a penny saved they say is a penny earned so go and save some of that money you are making so you can buy that big ticket item or plan a trip to go on without any help or credit cards being used!