If you live in a snowy climate, odds are you hate it when it starts to snow. Yes, it is beautiful, but it is definitely an irritation when it comes time to shovel. Taking care of the snow removal is important. Without the proper steps, your beautiful snow could become a danger and can even make it difficult to get from place to place.

Whether you are not able to remove the snow yourself, or if you just want a little help, a snow removal service can be a great help. This will save you time and keep you from having to perform back breaking labor in the freezing cold. If you do decide to hire a snow removal service, choose carefully. Choosing a great service will be a better use of your money and will make the winter a fun filled and enjoyable time.

Ask for References
Snow removal services are often paid in advance. This makes choosing a reputable and well known company very important. After all, do you really want to pay money for a service and then get nothing in return? Don’t just randomly pick a company since this could lead you to a company that will take your money and then leave your once it starts to snow. Talk with friends and family and ask for recommendations. Create a list of the recommended companies and watch for patterns. Odds are that a couple of companies will be mentioned time and time again. When you find these often recommended companies, you will know that you have found companies that are known for providing consistent and reliable service to their clients.

Contact the Better Business Bureau
In addition to asking around, you will also want to check each company that you are considering through the Better Business Bureau. The BBB will let you know if companies have complaints out against them and will also help you to find a company that meets the necessary legal requirements for running a business in your area. If you notice a company with several complaints, it is in your best interest to steer clear.

Call Around
Once you have a general idea of a few great companies, start calling around. You will want to talk to a variety of different companies to find out what services they offer, what their pricing structure is, and what your experience will be like if you choose them. Make sure that you call several companies and that you only contact those that have received positive reviews from either friends or the BBB.

As you call around, you will want to make sure that each company has liability insurance since you don’t want to be responsible for any damages that they might cause. Before signing any contracts, make sure that you get your estimates in writing. You should know exactly what you will have to pay including any fees or special charges.

Also find out how they want you to pay. Some companies offer automatic payment options, while others require you to mail in a check each month. Will you be paying per visit, per month or once per year? Do they offer refunds? Can you cancel at any time? As you call around, make sure that you really find out what is going on with each company and what will be expected of you. Make sure that you get detailed contact information for each company as well.

Once you have a list of the details about each company you are considering, you can make your choice. Make sure that you sign a contract with the company you choose and that everything is in writing. Before signing your contract, read it over and make sure that all the terms and provisions listed are the same as you have previously agreed to.