Help Conserve Water and Protect our Environment

Many Americans enjoy spending time swimming, boating, skiing and just playing on or near our nation's lakes and waterways. However, if we hope to protect these resources for future generations, it is important that we all do our part to protect our water, and minimize the amount of water that we use around our homes. We need to take a moment to be more conscious and aware each time we turn on a faucet. Below are a few of the things that we can do to reduce the water consumption in our homes.

If we want plenty of pure, clean water to enjoy, we need to learn to conserve our fresh water!

1. Take shorter showers. Your goal should be to spend no more than 5 minutes in the shower.

2. Don't leave a faucet running. Turn the water on and off when you are shaving or brushing your teeth. Fill a sink or tub with water when washing your dishes. Don't wash them under a running faucet.

3. When replacing your appliances, or plumbing fixtures, purchase ones that are designed to reduce your water usage. It is possible to buy shower heads, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines that use less water than the older models used.

4. Outdoors, reduce the amount of grass that needs to be watered in your yard. Replace some of your lawn with flower beds full of drought resistant plants. Mulch the flower beds with bark, compost, sawdust, or bark.  In some areas, your local water department may even reimburse you for part of the cost of converting your lawn to drought-resistant vegetation.

5. Check your sprinkler system. Install a sensor that will turn the system off when it rains. Make sure the sprinkler heads are only watering plants ... not the sidewalk, driveway, etc. Do not over-water. Use only the bare amount of water you need to keep your plants alive. Many yards and gardens are over-watered!

6. Do not wash your car with a hose. Use a bucket and sponge, or take your car to a car wash. Many car washes have systems that allow them to capture and reuse a significant amount of the water.  If you do use a hose, make sure it has a faucet that turns the flow off when not in use.

7. Sweep sidewalks and driveways instead of washing them down with a hose.

8. Protect the waterways in your area by being careful to properly dispose of trash, motor oil, paint, etc. Many such items end up being washed through the storm gutter system into you local lakes and rivers or, if you live near the shore, into the ocean. Once these items enter our water system, they are difficult and expensive to remove.

Enjoy the water recreation areas in your community, and do everything you can to conserve this important resource. Your grandchildren will thank you!

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