Cost effective living can be appreciated in any economy, but more so now than ever before. We still do laundry no matter what the cost. My tips can cut the cost of buying dryer sheets to zero. Step by step instructions on creating your own dryer sheets can save your automatic dryer appliance too. That means a double savings.

Things You Will Need

1. A new thin wash cloth made of terry material.

2. Sprayer bottle with adjustable nozzle.

3. Liquid fabric softener

Step 1

Select a white wash cloth since a colored one might run a hue into a fabric. If you have a new or unused medium sized wash cloth that is better than a smaller sized one for your homemade dryer sheets. It should be a brand new, terry cloth material without any designs on it. Run your wash cloth through a complete wash cycle on your washing machine to remove any chemicals that might prevent the fabric softener from penetrating the terry fabric. Throughly air dry the wash cloth, not putting it in the dryer. This will make it more absorbant for the liquid, fabric softener.

Step 2

Your reasons to have homemade dryer sheets:

1. You can make several of these for yourself or as gifts since they can be used at home or laudromats.

2. The homemade dryer sheets are resuable, so are so much better for the environment as well.

3. Very economical to make .

4. Better for the automatic dryer appliance.

Step 3

Creating your automatic dryer sheet is an easy and simple project.

1. Shake your fabric softener bottle to dispurse contents.

2. Put fabric softerner, about half full into your spray bottle. At times the liquid fabric softener gets thick when exposed to air, so that is why only half a sprayer bottle is mentioned.

3. Place a piece of waxed paper on a flat surface away from food. Be careful not to spill any of the fabric softener on the floor since it is slippery on a lino or vinyl floor.

4. Put your terry wash cloth on the waxed paper.

5. Spray your liquid fabric softener on the terry wash cloth. I use 20 pumps.

6. Fold your terry wash cloth on itself so the fabric softener is on the inside. This will keep it moist until you throw it in the automatic dryer.

7. Add clothes and terry wash cloth to automatic dryer and turn on the temperature needed for the fabric you are drying.

8. Store terry wash cloth with your detergent, so it will be ready for the next use. It will last several dryer loads before you need to respray it again for use.

9. Wash as needed when the terry wash cloth becomes stiff or hard in texture.

10. Count the money you save.

Gather your items before beginning making your dryer sheet.

Spray about 20 times. If the liquid fabric softener does not easily come out the nozzle, you can add a tablespoon of water and stir or shake to mix well.

You will see the savings in making your homemade dryer sheet.

Tips & Warnings

Care should be taken not to let liquid fabric softener spill on lino and vinyl floors. Clean up as soon as spilled since it becomes very slippery.