There are quite a few ways that you may not have considered while brainstorming for ideas on saving on groceries. Of course, the most obvious way to save is to buy the Sunday papers so that you can take advantage of the coupons distributed in them.



One sure way when saving on groceries is to sign up for some mystery shopping companies. In this way you will save by buying groceries, while memorizing the details of the shop. You will get reimbursed for an agreed upon dollar amount for the groceries. You may even be given a set fee as well for the shop.



Signing up for a coupon site is a good idea. There are sites where you can sign up for free coupons and there are sites where you pay for coupons and can pick them out each month. Both can be helpful in getting a better grip on the rising food costs. There are even sites that will pay you for the coupons you don't use.



One of the sites that you pay for, such as Select Coupon which is run by Susan Samtur, the well known coupon and refund queen of the 80's, can be very profitable. This particular site charges a yearly membership and allows members $25.00 worth of coupon purchases per month. The good news is you get to choose the coupons. They are not random coupons that you don't want. There are lots of premium coupons on this site and they change monthly. These coupons are mailed to you directly and arrive very quickly through the mail after you have completed your order. This will be a huge help in your effort to try saving on groceries.



There are some really good free sites out there like Coupon Mom and These sites have printable coupons and are free to join. These coupons can be printed from home. You may need to download some software available through the site in order for this to work with your printer.



Online coupons are sometimes worth taking advantage of. You can keep up with these bargains by using coupon codes with such sites as Coupon Cabin. These sites can be well worth it to use on department store purchases. This is easy enough as you just have to write down the code attached to the coupon and when purchasing an item, you use the code before you pay for the item, just like a coupon.



Learn to take advantage of rebates on all your groceries by signing up and participating in all rebate programs that local drug stores and department stores offer. These offers usually go on a monthly basis and are good on selected items. You not only will get items discounted by using coupons and getting the rebate, but you may get them free as well.