When most people think of saving on buying a car, they think of yearly clearances just before new models come in. But there's another way to save on new and used cars alike: shop completely out of season.

You see, outside of the regular car sales season, both new and used car dealers go through a low point. Business is lower than usual, and dealers are often willing to let vehicles go for less than they normally would. This makes it a perfect time for car shoppers get a great deal on a news or used car.

The Low Point
The lowest point in automotive industry begins in late September and doesn't start bouncing back until mid January the following year. It also hits its lowest point in mid-Q4, between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For retail sectors, this is the biggest time of the year, starting with Black Monday and continuing through to Boxing Week. But because everyone is spending on holiday splendor, no one is buying cars. For many salesmen who work on commission, this means a lower than usual pay check at one of the most expensive times of the year.

Since car salesmen need a commission, they can be more willing to strike a deal. So a savvy car shopper should plan to buy this time of year.

Finding Your Vehicle
The way you find the car you want at the price want will depend on whether you're shopping for a new or a used car. If it's a new car you're looking for, then you'll be going straight to the dealers in your area.

If it's used cars and trucks you're looking for, however, there are many more dealers with a much more varied inventory to go through. For instance, used car lots will have many different makes instead of just one.

Fortunately, many used cars dealerships have partnered with online auto listings sites, such as AutoHound, Cars Direct, and many more. This means that you can peruse most of the quality used cars in your area through one portal, and from the comfort of your own home.

Simply search the makes and models that you're interested in, compare the inventory and prices across several used car dealerships, and short list the ones that pique your interest. With that short list in hand, you can then head down to the individual dealerships, take a look at your prospects, kick the tires, and take them for a test drive. And once you find one you want, you'll be in a position to take advantage of the seasonal low point to get what might be the best deal of the year.