It's no big secret that that climate change is a very significant challenge that the global community is going to have to learn to deal with. There needs to be a greater focus on the development, and implementation of various green technologies. Even though we are aware of the risks we are taking by accelerating climate change we still continue to move in the wrong direction, despite current efforts. The time for saving the environment is here.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

-Chief Seattle

Unfortunately society has been living like it has inherited the earth from its ancestors. What kind of place will earth be to live on for future generations? For those that are serious about saving the environment here are 5 things you can do, starting now.

1) Lead by example: If you are serious about saving the environment, it is fairly difficult to be taken seriously if you are not practicing what you preach. A few quick suggestions to start on this; Have an energy audit done in your home, replace outdated technology with green technologies, stop buying plastics when possible, use your recycling program, purchase cloth shopping bags, use public transportation or buy a more energy efficient vehicle. The internet is full of great green living articles for those working towards saving the environment, be creative.

2) Spread the message: The reality is that saving the environment is a fairly popular idea. While many people are on board with the idea, it is sometimes inconvienant for them, or simply not a focus in their social circle. What many people fail to realize is that going green is a great way to save money considering the state of the global economy. Over time saving the environment can pay dividends in the form of tax credits, and in saving on energy bills.

The more people in your social circle are focused on saving the environment, the more likely others will follow. We have access to remarkable technology in this day of age. Use your social networks such as facebook and twitter to challenge your friends and family to go green. Write articles, and share them or simply have conversations at the dinner table.

3) Get involved politically: Politicians have the ability to make change on a mass scale. Make sure that your local and federal politicians know that saving the environment is an important issue in your community. Ultimately, put your vote to good use.

4) Support carbon-neutral/green companies: Buy products from companies that have good green products, and practice what they preach. By using and promoting green technologies, environmentally friendly products and services you are expanding the market for this kind of business. The larger the market for green products and services, the more companies will adopt these types of practices. I realize this is not rocket science, but how often do you think about this when you do your shopping or are deciding who to do business with?

Is saving the environment a priority is your life? If it is, get passionate and involved.