Saving the relationship might still be manageable. All relationships has its bumps, bruises, and obstacles to hurdle over. Saving the relationship might be possible, or is the relationship over for good? Bad relationships can happen for numerous of different reasons. Sometimes once a very healthy relationship, has turned into an unhealthy relationship. Two couples lose track of one another, and let life interfere. Reasons why can vary, but usually lack of communication is the top reason.

To figure whether your relationship is worth saving can depend of quite a few things. First you'll have to ask yourself the honest questions. Questions like does he or she still honestly love me? You should be a good enough judge of character to notice his, or her actions. Obviously if there's no longer love both ways, then the relationship is dead. Two couples can still love each other, and have quite a few relationship problems. Love doesn't solve all problems. This could be the most important decision you make in your life. You'll need to reflect long and hard on your relationship or marriage. Think about where it started, and where it has gone today.

Sometimes finances, job stress, or personal problems can put a strain on the relationship. Sometimes it's not always the problems that pertain to the relationship itself, but outside problems that's putting a damper on romance. These problems are fixable in the relationship. Making a better commitment to one another during stressful situations can be helpful. Instead of resisting, using problems to bring each other closer can help.

Instead of fighting with your partner over problems, lean on them instead during these times. Show support can go along way to providing less stress during difficult times. Sometimes making a better effort on your end can help break the ice. Doing this also means you have to be understanding of your partner. You can't be the one adding extra stress to one another's problems.

For any relationship to be saved, communication needs to come back to life. Bad relationships always result into lack of communication. This is the first real sign that relationship is heading into a bad direction. Into a potential breakup, or divorce even. Can the relationship still be saved at this point? Of course it can be. However, if you can't get the communication back at all, then the relationship can't be saved.

Lack of communication can stop for numerous of reasons. One can lose emotional trust in another. So how do you get communication back in the relationship? If you can earn their trust back, then you can probably get them to open up again. You might be a bit baffled on how you lost their trust to begin with. Well, it's not always about whether or not you can trust someone's word. Sometimes a person stops trusting how someone is going to judge, or view them. Sometimes a person just doesn't think their partner understands who they are anymore. Maybe they're just not comfortable sharing. Maybe they're hiding things as well. Basically, it comes down to not trusting in opening themselves up with you anymore.

You can earn their emotional trust back by being more open yourself. Being more understandable of their needs. More importantly, also to sacrifice more for them in the relationship. No one can save their relationship by themselves. Sometimes a person can stop communicating because they just don't care anymore. Sometimes there's nothing you can do to get back the communication in the relationship.

The relationship is dying when your partner stops thinking, or considering you in all ways. The relationship can't be saved at that point. You can't force one to love you and care about you in return. A healthy relationship can't continue when one person gives up in it. When your partner continues to lie and conceive you then the relationship is heading to its end.

Your relationship can't be saved when stress, anger, jealousy, lies, depression, and problems start to completely or nearly outweigh love, honesty, faith, understanding, sacrifice, and commitment. Everyone can get angry, stressed, or jealous. These feels can't consume the relationship. Sometimes people change, and their actions become more clear. They just don't seem to care to meet you half way anymore. They seem to lose all faith in the relationship, and start to give up. There's nothing you can do to change that aspect of the relationship. This is when its time to end the relationship.

If you and your partner both love you one another, and are willing to do more for the other, then your relationship is worth saving. Regardless of what problems the two of you have. You need real love in healthy relationships. Both partners need the willingness to do more for the other. If both of you still have that, then you can overcome the problems in your relationship. You just then need to make a better commitment to communicating with one another. Confusion can often lead to problems in relationships. You and your partner aren't always mind readers. Assumptions can trickle down to severe problems in life. Learn to open up more, and not rely on assumptions. You'll save more problems from re-occurring.

If you're not sure about where the relationship is at, then its best to sit down and have a talk with your partner. Tell them your situation and exactly how you feel. Try to establish an understanding where each of you are at. If both of you can come to an understanding where one another is at, then this will help the two of you take the next step. Whether that is with each other, or in a different direction. If both of you view the relationship can be saved, then you're ready to work out the relationship problems that need fixed. The rest just comes down to compromise, devotion and the willingness to work harder on giving more to one another. If the two of you can't do that, then the relationship might have hit its peak.