Despite common misconceptions we can easily prevent ourselves from contracting swine flu and any other flu for that matter, quite simply. All you require to do this, is a spray bottle of disinfectant solution and a j-cloth. Carry these items whenever you go out, then all you need to do is regularly spray the disinfectant onto the cloth and then whenever you walk past a handrail or open a door, use a cash machine or phonebox or anything that is regularly touched by people, simply give it a quick wipe with the cloth.

Unlike what most people think, the flu virus is not floating around in the air and simply breathed in by it's victims. It is passed on by infected people, mostly before they even realise they have it, coughing and sneezing into their hands or wiping and touching their mouths and noses, and then touching items which are then handled by other people. Hands are the main factor in the flu virus being spread from person to person, we all touch our mouths and noses regularly whether it is from eating, drinking, scratching wiping etc. When an infected person touches their mouth, the virus, which is contained even in minute traces of saliva is left on the fingers and is then transferred to surfaces when opening a door for example. When another person comes along and opens the same door small traces of the virus are transferred to their hands, that person is then infected when they put their fingers into or wipe them around their mouth or nose. When you think of how many people will touch hand rails and door handles etc in public, it is no wonder how the virus is spread around society so rapidly. In fact it is only because the virus usually dies outside the body within a few hours that everybody does not fall victim to it within a few days.

So if you were to carry some disinfectant and a cloth out with you where ever you go, and you give any handle a quick wipe when you used it, the chances of you picking up the virus would become almost zero. If even 1 in 10 people did this then the virus would be stopped in it's tracks, as every tenth person to open a door would be wiping off any of the virus, and the film of disinfectant left on the handle would kill any virus' that may be deposited by any of the next 9 people. By being 1 of those 1 in 10 you would be handling disinfectant in your hands all day so this would completely eliminate the possibility of the virus being able to survive on your hands at all. You would not have to stop and give every rail and handle a complete wipe either, just quickly rubbing over the part you handle would be more than sufficient as between everyone else the whole handle/rail would be constantly getting wiped at all points.

You may have seen that some countries solution to swine flu was to give out face masks, this is probably the worst thing they could do, and would have helped the virus to spread because when wearing these types of masks, your breath on the inside of the mask would make the inside of the mask warm and damp which as well as being the perfect environment for the flu to live and breed would also make your face feel itch y. Obviously when this happens it is only natural to put your fingers up inside the mask to scratch which would then put the virus right on the ends of your fingers ready to be transferred to the next unsuspected person who, once getting it on their fingers from a door handle etc would also put their fingers inside their mask regularly to scratch, you couldn't make it any easier for the virus if you tried. Remember Mexico were giving out these masks to everyone and they had a very high death toll from the disease, makes sense, doesn't it?

You may feel that carrying a bottle and cloth around with you may make you feel a bit silly, but what would you rather do, feel a bit stupid or catch a virus that is killing people every day or even take the virus home and possibly be personably responsible for killing your children or loved ones. You can help yourself and the rest of your community by passing on this message to all your friends and colleagues and persuading them to do the same, the more that do this the better. As I said, if we can get just 1 in 10 the virus would be stopped in its tracks, and 1 in 4 or 5 would probably near on eliminate the virus altogether within a couple of weeks or so. The governments and local councils could also help by spreading the word and encouraging people to do this and even placing disinfectant re-fill points in busy areas like shopping malls and stations, anywhere where lots of people frequent. And the more people who do this, the less silly people would feel about it.

Maybe you could send this message to everyone in your email contact list and tell them to pass it on. Remember you do not have to spend any extra time at all wiping surfaces, just use the cloth whenever you touch any surface in a public area, anything like door handles, hand rails, public telephones, cash machines, shopping trolleys and baskets, remember the hand rails on buses and trains anything that would be handled by anyone. Get your children doing it too, so as to ensure they are also protected, you could make it into a game for them. The solution you put into your bottle does not need to be expensive either, just a cheap bottle of disinfectant mixed about 1 part disinfectant to 10 parts water should be fine. Even an anti-bacterial washing liquid would help, or a weak bleach solution would be fine. Doing this could quite possibly save yours or your families lives as well as those of your friends and fellow countrymen, so give it some serious consideration, it certainly couldn't do any harm would it?