1909-S United States Lincoln Cent

Savvy investors are collecting United States wheat cents at an incredible rate. Keys and semi key date coins are disappearing from the market place quickly as all available examples are being bough up by new investors entering the numismatic rare coin market.

This phenomenon is due in large part to the Internet auction houses that are now making the coins available to a much wider global customer base. Collecting United States coins was primarily done by Americans prior to the arrival of these on line venues. Now a global hobby these coins are collected and removed from the market in every corner of the world.

Whenever people start to collect a limited commodity such as this, they reduce the amount of coins out there. Now it's starting to show in the price rise for anything with limited numbers. This includes all the key date coins within this series, as well as some of the semi keys.

Now an incredible opportunity exists for the savvy investor to obtain some of these rarities before they go off the chart. Think of it like silver at 3.50 an ounce. Or gold at 400.00 an ounce. If only we had known back then. Well with these coins we do know now.

We know that they are limited in numbers by how many have been made. We know that the Internet has increased the customer base to the point that they will deplete the supply eventually. We also know that we can still buy high grade examples of certain years that will eventually climb in price as they quickly become unavailable, one after the other.

When buying any high grade coin for investment it is always recommended to get certified coins. Bid on encapsulated coins from one of the better known grading companies like PCGS or NGC. These are two to speak of that will guarantee the coin authentic and assign it a grade.

Two purposes are served when a coin is graded. The level of wear on the example will set the grade somewhere between 0 and 70. All coins are graded on this scale. The second reason is to protect the coin. Any damage, both physical marks or environmental, will drastically reduce the value of any coin or token. Cleaning will also harm the grade.

Once a coin has received a grade from one of these agencies, it makes it easy to know exactly where your investment stands, as they update values daily on their respective websites. Whether you have three coins worth 50.00 each or three hundred worth 500 each, you'll have easy access to watch your investment grow.

Finding the right coins to buy will find you looking at your available budget. If you start out on eBay and search United States Lincoln cents, you'll be bombarded with millions of available examples. Thin the heard by entering a little data. Variables like grade and mint are located on the sidebar and this will cut the numbers down significantly. Look for some of the semi keys in the higher grades and see how much each year is going for in the highest grades you can find on line.

Start out with the key dates and work your way down the rarity scale until you could possibly afford to bid on the highest grade that's available for that year. For some of the lucky ones without financial limitations, this will be the 1909-s-vdb or the 1914-d, They will be buying in on the top of the scale and could see large returns on their investments in a very short time.

For most of us, however, we will find ourselves somewhere in the middle between the coins that are already extremely rare and the ones that are still plentifully on the market. Once you have decided where you may fit into this opportunity for all, research should be put into a variety of locations to make sure we have a solid grasp of the prices being realized for the particular year and grade we have decided to go after.

Gaining any and all information about grading practice and price checking across multiple mediums will guarantee you find the coin at the best price . This is really important considering we're buying for investment. The less we pay the better the opportunity to make a profit.

A couple of good coins to think about are the semi keys. These are the ones with a limited number of examples struck, but not yet realized by the world as disappearing. I'll list out a few below but a good guide is recommended. The Red Book is one and on line venues such as PCGS and Coin World are good as well. There are far too may different years and numbers to list hear, the following list is meant as a starter.

Key Dates Already Sky High

1909-s vdb


1922 plain

1955 double die

Semi keys still obtainable for investments






There are quite a few more coins within this series that offer a lot of promise. As stated earlier, it will depend on your budget where you get in. Try to find the highest grade coin you can afford. Whatever year that falls in. Best case scenario you get a key date, second would be a semi key, just find your year that you can afford the best one available. Later in the 1950s some MS-66 coins can still be had for under 50 dollars.

This is a very high grade on a scale of 0 to 70 and PCGS also has a condition census that will tell you how many examples are estimated to exist in each grade. This can be another very helpful tool.

In the end, whether you have a hundred dollars or a hundred thousand to invest in a coin, the right coin can be found with the tips laid out here. Profit will be made if you stick to the high grades and make sure to get certified coins.