Savvy shopping means getting the most for your money. Sometimes that means paying full price for something that is just right. So let’s discuss the “savvy” shopping techniques for clothes here, because we all love stocking up our wardrobe with some trendy however there are lots of things you need to consider while shopping to be a savvy shopper. It’s possible to look smart AND save smart at the SAME time! Consider the following point.

Stick to your budget:

First and foremost WHATEVER you buy you must set a budget for that. This helps you not to by anything extra and stick to the amount. Begin with the end in mind. You know you want shoes and in case you don’t end up buying in appropriate and love-at-first side shoes, to avoid that, keep your budget in your mind. It’s guaranteed that you will not cross the line once you know your money is fixed.

A smart and secret tip:

Save some of your money aside for some secret fun. Once the season is off you get the off season clothes for a lot of discount. Shop for winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter. U will get a considerable discount. Sale tags are always catchy but don’t get carried away by the prices. Buy relevant! If you buy an item you will rarely wear even a few bucks spent would be money wasted. Make sure you don’t do that!

Check returns policy

When you buy any dress it’s a 50 % chance that you might want to return it back maybe because it doesn’t fit you right or maybe your friends don’t like it. Whatever the reason causes you to change your mind you should check from the store of they have a return policy for that at least for 10 days.

DIY: (Do It yourself): Buying clothes is always costly than making them at home. Learn to hem your clothes yourself and any minor holes that appear in them that would extend the life of your dresses. You can even sew your own clothes and for that you can always get a sewing machine. U can learn sewing online or through videos posted in YouTube. With a little know how you can come up with creative ideas.

Don’t rush:

You are more likely to pulse buy when you are in a rush. Pulse buying means you see something and you instantly want to own it overlooking all the details. Obviously you want the best in exchange of your money so always shop when you have plenty of time. Allow plenty of time to inspect something you are paying for. Obviously when you buy a dress you will have to try it to get the best out of your money. Don’t waste your money if you don’t have time to shop.

 Take care of your shopping:

 Last but not the least take care of the shopping you do. Wear your clothes carefully. Follow the washing instructions for each item. Don’t do for dry cleaning as it becomes too costly! Hang them properly in your closet instead of folding them so that their fall remains tact.