Throwing a Party to Welcome Spring Back

Celebrate the end of a dreary winter and the coming of a bright and beautiful spring by throwing a Farewell to Winter party for your close friends.  And while the end of a season is a fine reason to celebrate, let’s be honest, it may just be a fun excuse to throw a party!

Invitations – Save the cost of paper and postage by using a free online invitation service such as evite.  Select an invitation that goes along with your wintery theme and be sure to put all of the important party information on the invite as well as a short blurb about the theme of the party.  Online invitation services are also great because your guests can quickly and easily rsvp or get in touch with you all in one location.   

Decorations – Along with food (as will be discussed later) the décor is one of the most important details of the party.  Your decorations are the key in tying the theme of the party together and should make your guests feel like they’re walking into a winter wonderland.  Deck the room out in white lights and hang icicle lights around the windows.  Cut out as many paper snowflakes as your hands can manage and string these onto fishing wire and hang across the room at different heights so it looks like snowflakes coming down from the ceiling.  Decorate the food table with snowflakes, glitter and cotton batting to resemble snow. You could even use window paint to make your windows look like they’re frosted over from a big storm. 

Food – The food is the highlight of the party, so not only should it be delicious, but it should carry on the theme of the winter wonderland theme.  If you have a hard time coming up with “wintery” type foods, consider putting a wintery twist on the names of typical party food.  For example, hot chocolate could be “cold winter’s night hot chocolate”, popcorn can be “fresh powder”, Russian tea cakes could be “snowballs” or chips and dip could be “polar bear chip dip”.

Don’t feel like you have to spend an arm and a leg on party supplies, you might even make a trip to your local party supply store for cheap plastic tableware to avoid dishes and cleanup!  But above all, be creative and have fun! Your guests will love an excuse to get together, socialize and eat delicious food.

Throwing a springtime party