This article provides information on why cigarette smokers feel high and on top of the world, whenever they smoke, and states some grave dangers of smoking.

Saying bye to grave dangers of smoking becomes possible when one acknowledges that tobacco is the most single inescapable health problem today in the world. Records have it that tobacco is the cause of many deaths all over the world, on a yearly basis, mainly from cancer and heart diseases. This is in addition to the halitosis, the stained fingers and teeth, the foul-smelling clothes, the smoker's cough, pains, and suffering.

Many health risks abound to smokers as compared to non-smokers. A smoker may say cigarette relaxes me in times of stress. Such must consider also the vulnerability of cancer of the bladder to which cigarette smoking brings.

How is it that cigarette smoking brings in such chronic sicknesses and even deaths? It happens that the respiratory tract of the lungs has lining of tiny hairs that help to flush out any mucus and foreign matter in the bronchi up to the throat, to be spit out through the mouth. Inhaling tobacco causes these little tiny hairs to become paralyzed.

But while asleep and not smoking these cilia begin to recover, all through the night they stand up pushing upward, all the junk of tobacco. In the morning that is what you cough off with the familiar smokers cough. After smoking for years, your powerful working cilia become totally destroyed, and never able to rise up again at night to try and perform their function of throwing orb pushing up junk.

With this development, the mucus that have trapped pollutants, dust, tobacco junk, and foreign matter that you have inhaled, being accumulated, just deposits and remains there, instead of being pushed up and out. These deposits become the breeding ground of bacteria and viruses, leading to colds, chronic bronchitis, respiratory infections, and other chronic diseases.

Smoking cigarette also brings about a disease in which the lung is less elastic, destroying the alveoli and air sacs that permit the exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide. Smoking causes lung cancer, in which statistics has it that eighty five percent of lung cancer cases are in men, and seventy five percent in women are connected to smoking cigarette. Cigarette smoking is a major cause of cancer death.

When a cigarette smoker inhales and drags the cigarette smoke into his or her lungs, poisonous gases and compounds, including cyanide, carbon monoxide, and volatile aromatic hydrocarbons.

The poisonous gases and compounds enter the bloodstream and go straight to the heart. Within seven seconds, the nicotine is pumped from the heart to brain, where it is absorbed, triggering the release of substances called, catecholamine, which produce adrenaline-like effect, increasing the heart rate and blood pressure. This makes smokers to feel high.

Smoking is an addiction, which though difficult to quit, need be abandoned. This will save your life the entire heart ache, heart diseases, and many other troubles. But you can quit if you are willing. For where there is a will to quit smoking, there is certainly going to be a way to quit smoking.

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