One of the most interesting cars to be sold on the mass market recently is the Leaf. Many people seem to love this car but there are still alto of detractors. I myself love it and truly wish I could be able to buy one. Although the car is not perfect, it will save you a lot of money of fuel. The all-electric Nissan Leaf is a great car if you want to stick it to the Oil companies!

No Gas Needed!

When you drive a Nissan Leaf you will not have to buy fuel. Many people like that they will never have to buy fuel again. Other people however, still require at least a hybrid because they need further range on their car.

The Leaf can go anywhere between 60-140 miles on a single full charge. The exact distance you can go caries a lot depends on many factors including the type of driving you are doing. Nissan says you can get about 100 miles per charge if you follow their recommendations but in real World driving you should expect about 70-80 miles per charge.

For many people this is more than enough to get them to work and back, allow them to drive their kids to the soccer games and do all of your other errands around town. Other people will still need an alternate car for when they go on longer trips such as visiting relatives at Christmas time.

It is important to remember that it is not a hybrid. There is no gas tank and you cannot add any gas. 

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Easy to Maintain

Many people worry about how hard it is to maintain an electric car. There are things you need to learn about owning and operating an all electric-car but it truly is much easier overall then a gas car. If you can plug in and charge your cell phone then you also have the skills to plug-in and charge you Nissan Leaf car. Seriously, it is that easy.

Quick Charge Port

You can either add-on a quick charge port or you can buy a Nissan Leaf model that comes with the quick charge port. The quick charge port will allow you to charge you car in about 30 minutes. This is great feature to have. The quick charge port will not charge the battery as fully as a regular charge will, but it allows you to get the “gas” you need quickly when the battery is low. The quick charge port in the Nissan Leaf is a must-have feature in my opinion. The quick charge port comes standard with the Nissan Leaf SV.

Regenerative Braking System

It has many features that help to eliminate unnecessary waste of electric energy. One of them is the Bose Surround Sound System that is an optional upgrade. The Bose sound system sounds like the full-sized speakers but are smaller sized so they do not waste unnecessary electric juice. One of the main features though is the Regenerative Braking System.

The Regenerative Braking System is designed to “catch” the energy when you are coasting or braking and return it to the battery system. When the car is coasting there is no need to be using the same amount of energy as when you have your foot on the accelerator. Nissan engineers were very smart and devised the Regenerative Braking System to help eliminate and even gain additional electricity when the car is coasting or the brakes are being applied.

Future technological innovations on the Regenerative Braking System will allow the electric cars of the future to be able to go even further on each charge. One day you will be able to go 300-400 miles or more on a single charge on your electric car.

According to Consumer Reports it will cost you about $2.44 to drive 70 miles. That is amazing. Gas is usually over $3.00 a gallon so you might be paying $3.86 to go 22 miles but with the Nissan Leaf you pay much less to go much further. Oh yeah! The Nissan Leaf is going to help suck away some of the profits the oil companies are making. I know the oil companies are not shaking in their boots yet but I do look forward to the day that the only customer of Big Oil is the manufacturing companies.

This is not a car for everyone, but many people can potentially not only save a lot of money driving this car, but also help out and do their part for a cleaner Earth. It is only one of the steps as fully electric cars continue to evolve. The evolution of electric cars will begin to grow at an even faster pace than ever before in history. In the future more people will drive fully electric cars that are charged up in less than 5 minutes at “fueling stations” that use wind powered turbines. The future looks great and I hope that the more “green cars” we use then the less chance of a major oil spill happening such as the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf.