Mesotherapy InjectionTreatment for cellulite with a mesotherapy injection is not a new procedure, but has only recently begun to gain popularity in the United States. The use of a mesotherapy injection as a way to help the body eliminate fat was developed in France over 50 years ago. In many parts of the world this process is used to treat various injuries and skin conditions. However, in the United States and Canada, it is primarily used to combat fat. It is one of the most effective and safest alternatives to liposuction. One of the primary advantages of this non-invasive liposuction technique is it allows for well-known cellulite trouble spots to be focused on. It is primarily used on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, knees and ankles. Recovery is quick and results can often be seen after only one treatment.

Mesotherapy injection procedure

The targeted areas are injected with a customized solution using very fine needles. The injected solution is a mix of vitamins, amino acids and other natural ingredients. The exact composition varies from patient to patient. Over the space of a half-hour to an hour, anywhere from a dozen to a hundred or more shots are given to the patient. The needles are very thin and very short (normally 4 to 6 millimeters). The patient will normally have to endure three to ten sessions to achieve the full affects of mesotherapy. Generally, sessions are scheduled once a week or every two weeks.

How does it actually work?

Unlike liposuction, which physically sucks the fat cells from the body, a mesotherapy injection uses an amino acid based solution to dissolve fat inside the cells and allow it to be flushed from the cells and out of the body naturally.


In most cases, the treatment does not involve any change in lifestyle. There may be a bit of pain and swelling at the affected site, but normally a patient is able to perform their usual routines. The most common side affects are normally mild and may include bruising, swelling and pain.

Is it safe?

The Federal Drug Administration in the United States has not approved the drugs used in the fat dissolving injections for this purpose. The FDA has repeatedly issued warnings urging caution. This technique has been used for decades in many countries with an incredibly high success rate though.

What about cost?

A mesotherapy injection is usually not covered by insurance. Expect a single session to run between $200 and $800 depending upon size of the affected area and number of shots involved. Again, it may take from three to ten sessions to totally eliminate all the desired cellulite. This can be compared with the costs of traditional liposuction.

The use of a mesotherapy injection to fight cellulite has proven to be a safe and effective procedure. It is a great alternative to liposuction with a quicker recovery time. It is affordable and offers a level of instant gratification that is normally only reserved for surgical removal of cellulite. For a patient that is needle shy, there is a non-needle mesotherapy injection that can still deliver strong results. This procedure is not a cure-all and needs to be accompanied by diet and exercise to deliver the best results.