Now that we are heading into warmer seasons and tanned skin, let us not forget that at this time there is a tendency for us to get dry hair. We have to give our locks its equal amount of TLC. If you have dry hair, there are a dozen effective ways for you to be able to bring it back to life.

Give your hair that much needed TLC

There are a lot of factors that makes you hair dry. Over exposure to the sun, exposure to different chemical treatments, over use of hair tools, and under conditioning are just some of the factors that contribute to having dry hair. Your hair is made of a protein called keratin. The hair that is visible is made up of dead keratin, and so it can’t repair itself.  We must make do with what we already have, so that’s why we have found excellent solutions to restore our precious locks.

1. Use a cream based deep conditioner instead of getting a hot oil treatment. The molecules in the oil is bigger than that of the hair so what it does is that it doesn’t absorb it, it only coats the outer part of the hair shaft. Getting a hot oil treatment, does give your hair a worthy-of-a-shampoo-ad sheen, but it eventually disappears after a day or too. Using cream based deep conditioners are better options. Use them twice a week.

2. Use a hair brush with boar bristles. This brush distributes oil in your hair from the roots to the tips (and no, this is not a hair commercial of some sort).

3. Shampoos that are clear in color are ones that don’t contain any moisturizing properties. These shampoos have a tendency to strip the moisture off the hair. Try using the pearly/opaque looking shampoos that are targeted for dry or damaged hair.

4. Use cool water when you rinse your hair. I know that warm showers give us relaxation, but rinsing with cold water closes hair cuticles which prevents damage on your hair.

5. Use products that don’t contain alcohol. If alcohol dries the skin, it would do the same thing on your hair.

6. Trim the ends of you hair every 2-3 months. This is the only way to remove split ends.

7. Take some time to see the results. It takes some patience, and we all know, it doesn’t happen overnight.

8. If you are in love with your hair tools, try using the ionic, ceramic ones. That includes your curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers.

9. If you are using hair tools, use heat-protectant styling products. It protects your hair from damage.

10. When blow drying, force the hair in the direction of your hair growth. In this way, the cuticle won’t be damaged as much.

11. Eat healthy foods such as whole grains, beans, eggs, greens, root vegetables and dried fruit. They contain essential vitamins that is needed for our hair to keep it healthy.

Hair is a part of our individuality, we style it in a way that suits our personality. Taking care of them is as imperative as taking care of our body. Give your locks that much needed love.