Cutting The Cord

How To Live Without Cable TV

With the skyrocketing cost of Cable TV and the vast amounts of free media available online, cutting cable and satellite TV is a growing trend.  In a few steps you can cut the cord and save a bundle, and still enjoy the shows and movies you love.  There are sever

First, purchase an HD Antenna.  Over the Air television networks are now broadcasting their channels in HD.  The quality of the picture is on par with what you get with cable or the dish.  You’ll be able to watch all the local network affiliates and be able to catch most NFL games.  Indoor HD antennae can be purchased from any electronic retailer and costs less than $20 - $50.  Outdoor antennae are a bit more expensive.

For cable shows and movies you are going to need an internet connection.  If you do cancel your cable, haggle with your provider to continue your internet connection at the package rate.  Where I live standard high seed internet service runs $45 a month.  As part of a package it runs $20.  When I cancelled my cable service, I asked to continue the internet service at $20 and the provider obliged.

You will need a device to run internet services to your TV.  Most of today’s TVs, Blu-Ray/DVD players, and gaming systems have these services running on it.  If you do not, you can connect your laptop or computer directly to your TV.

Watching shows from cable networks without the cable connection is limited. offers several shows with their free service from a few networks.  For $8 a month you can access every episode of shows they carry.  To watch these shows on your TV you will need to hook up a computer or laptop to your TV.  The quality of the shows for the free service is standard definition.  The Hulu Plus $8 service supports HD (720p).  Unfortunately, Hulu and Hulu Plus do have Ads.

Netflix and Blockbuster both offer streaming movie s services for a low cost.  TVs and DVD players of recent year have the capability to connect to the internet and stream these services directly to your screen.  The selection and quality of picture and sound is excellent and if you want to go old school both services offer the ability to rent Blu-ray or standard DVD discs.

On the high end with Hulu Plus, Netflix, and the monthly costs for Internet the savings is huge. I am saving close to $100 a month.  How much can you save?