You'll say you love him with a gift-filled toolbox for his garage or workshop. I know this isn't romantic or sexy but the big guy will love it. He may not gush or blush but trust me, he'll love it. An added bonus is that most, if not all, of the items for a gift toolbox are practical but inexpensive. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Many of the items that you can choose for a gift toolbox can be around to remind him of you for a long time. Here's how to say you love him with a gift-filled toolbox for his garage or workshop.

One of way to do this is to decorate the outside of the toolbox with stick on decals of his favorite sport or racing team. If he's the kind of guy that likes to support his alma mata try to find a toolbox at the hardware store that matches his school colors. Toolboxes come in a variety of sizes and colors and you can go all out and get a well made toolbox. You're in business if his school colors were orange or black because these are basic colors for toolboxes in many hardware stores.

Open the toolbox and line the inside of it with one or two shop cloths or try using contact paper as a liner. Just lay the cloths or contact paper in the toolbox and let them hang out over the sides of the toolbox. You could fold up two or three more shop clothes and drop them in the bottom of the toolbox as filler material.

Say you love him by filling the toolbox with small items from the hardware store like a roll of duct tape, a tape measure, miniature tools, a flashlight, sharpies, a small pocket knife, a circuit tester, a level, a box cutter, clamps, plastic fishing worms and/or fishing hooks, a sleeve of golf balls and anything else that you think the man in your life might like. You can get an idea of what he likes by taking a look inside his toolbox if he has one.

A gift-filled toolbox may not make any sense at all to you but he'll know what you mean. This is not the equivalent of him getting you a vacuum cleaner as a gift. This is a case of men speaking love entirely different from women. But if you want to go all out when you say you love him, try putting a couple of tickets to a ball game or a race in the toolbox. Guys appreciate simple, practical gifts like this so go ahead and surprise your guy.