This will be the first of hopefully many monthly updates. My name is Stefan, a third year med student from the Netherlands and the author of a college blog.

My plan with these monthly updates

In this update I will share monthly how I did the month before and more important, I will also share what I learned. I want these updates to be rich of information. They are partly motivators for me, as I go and review every month, but a more important part is that they will be a motivator for other writers. I have big ambitions to become a well-earning writer here on InfoBarrel. If I look at myself, I love to read success stories. So hopefully I am writing my own now!

The income of these articles will go to charity

I see these kind of articles as a subsequent to my normal articles and I set them to be charity articles. It is only a little, but I want these articles to be my way of giving something back to the community.

My InfoBarrel 'history'

I was always on the search for income streams. As a student I was neglecting the 'normal' ways to earn a couple of side dollars. I had side jobs in the past, but somehow I didn't have any while going to the University. I started a website and I saw how it was possible to make money on the internet!

My first couple of encounters with making money on the internet were pretty cool. Getting affiliate income from some products I promote were nice, as well as some advertising on my site. But somehow I still have the feeling I have to do something for these dollars. It isn't like it is really passive. And that is what I want to create.

I am an avid reader of Smart Passive Income and when Pat talked about eHow and InfoBarrel a couple of times, my interest was awaked. I believe I know a couple of things, so writing how to articles seem the logic step for me. But of course, as you may know, eHow doesn't work anymore as it should. So I couldn't write there anymore.

So I checked InfoBarrel, saw some other articles on InfoBarrel and this concept is really interesting. If I write-up enough articles, with some good keyword research of course, I can have a passive income stream for probably the rest of my life. Well, now we are talking!

The first time I heard this I stated something like: 'Alright, I am going to write an article a day and by the end of the year I will have over 200 articles' (april 2011). And this did not happen, of course. I had now idea what to write about and I just wrote about something. Articles like 'why Facebook removed the 'post' button' and what not. These articles were fun to write, but they are not going to bring me anywhere of course. And I understood fast enough I wasn't going to keep that up. Due to other activities there was a silence of a couple of months from InfoBarrel from my side.

Until August. In August I had some spare time again and I started to check out InfoBarrel again. I knew I wanted to write for InfoBarrel again, but didn't had a clue how to write for AdSense. But with help from the forums over here I am learning fast now! I bought some keywords as well through Fiverr from another InfoBarrel user. This list of keywords are helping me know to write with keywords in mind. I used this through August and September and still have keywords left to write for in October (maybe November as well).

I guess one of the main problems with me at the moment is backlinking. I love to write for InfoBarrel, but somehow I cannot bring it up to do some proper backlinking. Need to implement that somehow in my workflow. That for the background story. I want to start with a September Earnings Update.

September Earning Update

As I am still only starting out I didn't make a lot of money yet. In september I earned 0.88$ with AdSense, nothing with either Amazon or Chitika.

It seems only a little, but I am motivated by it. These 0.88$ make me realize that there is money in it. And that is important for me, to see some result. When I talk with other, more experienced, InfoBarrel users they say you just have to keep going, keep writing and the money will follow. Maybe not very fast, but it will come if you have patience and you persist in writing. Sounds good, so I will continue to write!

If you have anything to ask or you have some tips to share, please do so in the comments. And if you got interested in what I am doing here, check out my October InfoBarrel Goals