A List of Classic Psychic's that Scammed.


Scam Psychic List

In the history of the paranormal many scam psychics suffered public humililation. The scam psychic list brings three of these great incidents to light. Not only were these hucksters caught they it was the great Harry Houdini who caught them. After the death of Houdini’s mother he noticed how these mediums exploited the feelings of the grieving. This catastrophic event resulted in Houdini’s lifelong mission to debunk fraud. Even more amazingly he shocked the world by continuing to catch the scammers in death.

  1. William H. Mumler :

The scam psychic list begins with the photographer Mumler. I’m sure of what your thinking, “how do you expose a photographer?” Mumler was a “spirit photographer.” Before photoshop pictures were rarely questioned for truth. Mumler discovered exposure techniques in which he would layer ghostly transparent images of the deceased on the pictures of his clients. These skills were relatively rare at this time but the problem came due to his claim that the ghosts were real. In the end it was not Houdini but PT Barnum who leveled the charges which resulted in Mumler’s fraud conviction.

  1. Mina Krandon

The next person on the scam psychic list was “Margaret” Krandon. It is not uncommon for old movies to have a round table, a séance and crystal ball. This stereotype is an exact example of what Krandon conducted. Her phony séances were both popular and respected. In the end Houdini caught her ringing bells and throwing books. This incident proved humiliating and resulted in a rift forming between him and Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

  1. Doyle Houdini

Doyle was Harry’s wife and a dedicated lifelong companion. Shockingly a dead Houdini would expose her as a fraud. In honor of Harry’s death and life’s work Doyle would hold an annual séance in his honor. While alive Harry gave her a secret code that any medium who claimed to contact him would utter. Over the decade long annual ritual many mediums attempted to channel Houdini. In the end they all failed as they never knew the secret word. Even in death Houdini still exposed fakes.