Every spring the little hamlet of Scarborough invites 21st century revelers to visit within the gates of this

A Witch Scarborough Faire

16th century English community. Visitors can enjoy Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival every weekend from the beginning of April through the last weekend in May. Scarborough Faire is located south of Dallas, Texas near a town called Waxahachie.

This renaissance festival recreates an English Marketplace fit for a king, King Henry VIII to be Falconer Scarborough Fairexact. Throughout the village you will find costumed actors and actresses who have graduated from the Scarborough Academy of Preforming Arts. These townsfolk go about their daily duties in all types of manner and dress. Ladies are dressed in the finest layers the 16th century has to offer, and can be found holding court with the King. Knights keep the peace in this little village, and protect inhabitants from masked villains and trolls.

Court Jester Scarborough FaireIn Scarborough peasants peddle wares to the passerby, fresh flowers, and the finest headdresses can be bought for pence. You can stop off at the Tavern for a mug of ale or, if you prefer, a good ole fashioned beer. Visitors are encouraged to stop in at the Dragon Wings shoppe and get into character. Many tourists prepare costumes all year in anticipation of their visit to Scarborough Faire. Musketeers can be found in the village trying to charm a lady out of her skirts. Damsels in all states of distress can be found in need of a gentlemanly rescue. Those, young and old, come to camp and make merry within the castle walls of Scarborough.

Belly Dancing Renaissance FestivalGypsies wander the lanes of Scarborough, for a price, one will read your fortune. Zilch the Tory Steller tells tales of old, with random bits of news about the town interjected. Don Juan and Miguel and One Flaming Idiot can be seen in the heart of town. I hear their act is a scorcher. Twig the fairy can be heard playing her flute, she is a charmer, that one. The children of Scarborough enjoy the magical spell she casts.

Serving Wench Scarborough FairMoving on, and following your nose, through the village visitors will enjoy the various fare at the food court. Here a visitor can choose from roasted turkey legs, funnel cake, sausage on a stick, roasted corn on the cob, and other fine foods. Steak-on-a-Stake is a favorite among gentry and commoners. Various refreshments can be had here, and throughout the village. If you have no pence to pay for the grub it is rumored you can work it off. However, you should beware as it is fact that the pottery shoppe sells pots to hold problem employees ashes.

Henchmen Scarborough FaireKnights under the King's employ joust thrice daily to settle disputes to please the King. Many a fair lady's heart has been won or lost on the outcome of such matches. Upon the Tournament Field bold knights square off in a battle that is a sight to behold. Beggars, and revelers alike watch in awe as the fight begins. The royal court with their laddies-in-waiting can often be seen near the battlefield congratulating the winner.

Harp Scarborough FairThere are 200 Tudor cottages located within Scarborough. Artisans offer one-of a kind jewelry and period clothing to help you gain favor with the King. Many of the townships loyal followers are granted an audience with His Majesty. You will want to look your best, when you meet Him, so stop in to see the blacksmith and have your chain-mail reworked beforehand. You can visit the glass blowers shop, and purchase fine period leathers from a craftsman, and get your sword forged by Daniel Watson along the way.

Renaissance CostumesWatch out for the duels that take place in the city. Men in the 16th century fight over local wenches and they can be quite rowdy. You see, the male to female ratio is such that, only the bravest men win the lasses favor. You can see sword fights, daredevil acrobatics, and a falconry demonstration. The inhabitants of Scarborough are a merry lot, and much singing and playing of period instruments can be heard within its bounds.

Princess Renissance FestivalMarriage is a joyous occasion and one to be seen often at Scarborough Faire. Pairs come from far and wide to be joined before the King in the 16th century Wedding Garden. Weddings can include a banquet feast complete with guests from the local Nobility and Royalty. The finest musicians are available to play a tune during your service. Every wedding at Scarborough can be officiated by a local in his regal attire. Everyone at Scarborough speaks the 'King's English' so you can be sure your union will be done right and proper.

Beware parents as the Knights of Scarborough are always looking for new recruits. You may find, before your very eyes, that one of your children has been knighted and joined the King's army. Only the most heartfelt of protests can sway King Henry when a new knight has been chosen.

Renaissance TavernIf you find that your cry has fallen on deaf ears there is only one place for recourse. The Cat and Fiddle Tavern has a twice daily wine tasting where you can drown your sorrows. You see the tavern was built in honor of a woman who suffered trickery and deceit. This place of rest pays homage to "Katherine the Faithful" the once beloved first wife of King Henry VIII whom he cast aside for Anne Boleyn. Yes, the tavern is the place in Scarborough to forget your cares.

Be Merry at the FestivalDaniel the Duke of Danger may be of service to those who simply cannot allow a child to be of service to the King. Seek him out only if you are brave enough to attempt his death defying feats. The Duke is friends with Thomas Wood a juggler that performs tricks with fire. If you cannot persuade the two men to help you The Rouges may be recruiting. While they may only seem like musicians they hail from the Highlands and are rumored to be full of Scottish spirit. Visit the False Front's Mask Shoppe before you follow the advice anyone gives you.

Pyro JugglerThe town of Scarborough is only open for a short time. The towns people celebrate the time they can share with a new festival every weekend. The Magic Weekend will be held on April 17th and April 18th. The Highland games are held on April 24th and April 25th. Men are encouraged to come and prove themselves in games of skill and chance. The Royal Ale Festival is held on May 1st and 2nd. Join the castle guards in a sampling of domestic beers and fine ales. May 8th and 9th will mark a special day for the King and Queen. All loyal subjects of the crown are invited to witness the Renaissance Romance when the King and his Lady renew their vows. Chivalry weekend on May 15th and 16th honors riders of the steel horse. Motorcycle clubs are invited to come and join the inhabitants of Scarborough for a special day in your honor. On May 22nd and 23rd the castle will be seized by a Pirate Invasion! May 29th ,30th, and 31st the town of Scarborough will bid the 21st century farewell.