I have notice a lot of people get confused when they hear the name Scarface. Some people think it's the character Al Pacino played in the movie and others think of Al Capone of Chicago. Its time that every one knows the difference between the two. 

During prohibition there was Al "Scarface" Capone crime boss of the notorious Chicago Outfit. Before he was a boss Capone worked  under Legendary gangster Johnny Torrio and Frankie Yale as a bouncer in their New York saloon. Capone a bouncer when open his mouth when he shouldnt.  One night Capone made a remark to a young woman about her physical features unaware to Capone the womans brother heard the remark. Frank Galluccio pulled out a blade and slit Capone across the cheek several times.  Little did Galluccio know the man he cut would go on to become one of the most powerful bosses that Chicago would ever see. No 

During the winter of 1983 the world learn of  another Scarface his name Tony Montana.  Scarface is a movie written by Oliver Stone and featuring a young Al Pacino as the  character of Tony. After killing a Cuban official  Tony soon finds his way to Miami. It's the 80's and the drug of choice is cocaine and Tony finds himself involve with it fast. Respect, Money and Power Tony will seek and will soon find.  After a drug deal gone wrong finds Angel played by Pepe Serna bruttaly killed by a chain saw, Tony seeks revenge  and soon finds his way to the top of the drugcartell as the new drug king pin. For people who have not seen the movie I wont spoil the end. 

Both Scarface are famous for their own rights whether they are fictions character or true life gangsters. Capone's plan for the St. Valentines Day Massacre is still one of the bloodiest every and Montana's line "Say hello to my little friend" is still used every day. Capone Montana