The leaves are turning, and the air is beginning to feel a little chilly.  Which means Halloween is right around the corner!  For those who love a great scare, check out the following haunted houses.

Netherworld Haunted House

Netherworld haunted HouseCredit: wikipediaNetherworld haunted house is located in Atlanta, GA, and is sure to get your heart beating faster.  It is a self guided walk through attraction with live actors and special effects, and opens Labor day weekend.  Two of this years features are the Banshee and the Hive.  The Banshee haunt is filled with screaming banshees, a slime crawler, a bloody crawling eye, and many more monsters.  The Hive is a vivid story of a genetics researcher who wants to mutate humans into insects, and features an invasion of giant bugs in the Netherworld basement, wasp warriors, attacking maggots, and many more.  Ticket prices range from $22 to $30 per haunt, and they also offer a speedpass for $50 but it is only good for certain nights.   Several critics have rated this haunted house as the #1 haunted attraction for the past few years.  Be prepared for a scare in the parking lot also!

Zombie Manor

Zombie ManorCredit: Manor is located in Arlington, TX.  Set in the 1800's, this haunt tells the story of a servants revenge on a wealthy landowner entwined with a voodoo curse that brings even the dead back to life!  Zombie Manor has been featured in Gore Noir magazine, along with some of the cast members from AMC's hit show The Walking Dead.   The Manor opens mid September, with tickets starting at $17. 


Fear Overload

Fear OverloadCredit: Overload is located in San Leandro, CA.   This years features are the Asylum and Insomnia.  The Asylum is a pitch black haunt, with each group receiving one flash light to walk through the attraction.  The Insomnia house is filled with illusions from your worst nightmares.   Fear overload opens the last weekend in September, with tickets starting at $20 and up.   They have been around since 1997, and have received great reviews and recognition from CNN, Fox news, and many others.  This year they are donating a portion of ticket sales to the Breast Cancer Research foundation. 




Killers: A Nightmare Haunted House 

Ted Bundy(111573)Credit: wikipediaKillers: A nightmare haunted house, is located in New York, NY.  It is a haunted house filled with psychopaths and serial killers.  Guests will run into Ted Bundy, the Zodiac killer, and many others... real and fictional.  This attraction was put together by Timothy Haskell, who created Nightmare, and Steve Kopelman who produced The Nest.  Many other known directors and producers have also helped to make this one of the scariest attractions on the east coast.   This is an interactive walk through site, and this year guests are being offered the choice of being touched (or not) by actors.  The event is handicap accessible, and not recommended for children or people with certain health issues.  The scare begins the last weekend in September, with ticket prices ranging from $15 to $60.

Field of Screams VIII, The Reaping

Halloween(111577)Credit: wikipedia

In Wichita, Kansas, guests are sure to enjoy the Field of Screams VIII, The Reaping.  Walk through the field and forest and relive the story of the horrendous murders that have taken place there.  Guests can also take a ride in a realistic coffin on the 'last ride burial simulator", and see what its like to be buried in your final resting place.   Or go to Clown Town and experience the murderous carnival.  Attraction opens September 23rd,  with tickets ranging in price from $15 to $30.   

Isle of Screams: Lair of the wolf

Also offered by the same group a few blocks away, is the Isle of Screams: Lair of the wolf at Watson Park attraction.  This begins with a hay ride to the gate, then a 25 minute walk through a forest filled with live actors and special effects.  A wolf legend train ride is also offered.  This event opens September 30th, with ticket prices ranging between $15 to $22. 

For haunted houses near you, check out the Haunted Houses website offering a list of attractions for all 50 states, Canada, and International locations.

Have a safe and haunting Halloween!