Scarowinds 2010 will be one of the best Halloween events in the past decade. Carowinds will be holding Scarowinds at the theme park every weekend starting on September 17 and running until October 31, 2010. Scarowinds will be open from 7 p.m. till midnight during this time and on October 23 and 30, Scarowinds will be open until 1 a.m. Scarowinds is one of the biggest events for Carowinds during the year with thousands and thousands of people coming to get their chills and thrills.

Scarowinds will have various attractions to brings chills and scares to you such as Defex, Camp Killauee, Corn Stalkers, Dead Inn, Slaughter House and The Asylum. Also, there will be three scare zones that are called Feeding Frenzy, The Cemetery and The Playgrounds so be prepared to scream and run. Scarowinds will also have some live shows as well that are called Bad to the Bone, Chilling Magic of Jonathan Frost and Fangs.

Full price general admission price to Scarowinds for people ages 3 and older is $42.99. Also, there will be a VIP Pre-Haunt add on ticket available to any regular ticket or season pass holder for $16.99. This add-on ticket allows you access to all you can eat meal at the plaza pavilion. Food will be served until 6:30 p.m. and will consist of Herb Roasted Turkey Breast, Halloween Cake, Peppercorn Beef Rib Roast and unlimited Coca-Cola sodas. Also, with the Scarowinds VIP Pre-Haunt you'll get early admission to the entire park prior to the 7 p.m. start time.

The ticket prices seem very high, but you'll have a great time at Scarowinds if you like the atmosphere associated with Halloween. You'll get scared and may even scream a little as you walk throughout Scarowinds. Also, many of the rides will be open as well during Scarowinds so you can get scared then jump on a ride to pump up the adrenaline.

Scarowinds is usually a very crowded time at Carowinds so be prepared to stand in line to enjoy the events. However, most lines will move fairly fast because goblins and goons can't wait too long to scare someone. If you plan to be at Scarowinds in the evening you may want to dress a little warm because that night air can be cold and spooky.