Scary Halloween Party Ideas

How are you going to make your Halloween party a unique experience that will never be forgotten? I have put together a few of my favorite scary Halloween party ideas that you can make your own. Over the years I have helped in more than one homemade haunted house. To be successful, you have to have at least one good scare or freaky cool idea. At a good Halloween party people expect to get scared, so you can get away with being a little extreme. Some of the best scary Halloween party ideas are right under your nose. Remember, Halloween is a perfect time to let your creative side come out.

Don't go too far and make your house look like this

The traditional haunted house idea is one that will never go out of style. Obviously the bigger budget you have, the better "stuff" you can get from the Halloween supply store. Although, if you have a creative mind and a talented artist willing to help, you can make anything come to life. What's a Halloween party with out fake blood. For those of you who don't know this, corn syrup and some type of red dye or food coloring, make the perfect fake blood. Cheap, easy to make, and cleans up pretty good too. You need to experiment with your mixture to get the desired color and consistency, it's not always going to be the same. Fake body parts are very hard to make yourself. One exception would be the old fake foot trick. Take a sock and stuff it with newspaper. Put the sock in a old shoe or boot so it fits snug. Tie the sock off at the top and pour fake blood all over it. There you have it, it can be used where ever you need it. Make up a story about a killer who only collects shoes with bloody feet in them. Make up a bunch of these and hang them from the ceiling in the basement. Bring all your victims in the pitch dark basement and recite your story. At the end of the story, flip on the lights and there you have all these bloody shoes hanging all over the place. Your killer jumps out and everybody has a good scare and a laugh.

A haunted cemetery can be another good way to go and can be done cheap. Save up a bunch of cardboard boxes and use them to make cut-outs of grave stones. Try to make at least a few different shapes so they all don't look the same. Take a few cans of gray and black spray paint and lightly go over the cut-outs. By bending the cardboard and putting creases in them, it gives the effect of old cracked grave sites. Now the fun part, get the list of people coming to your party and they become the names on your graves. Have some fun with it! Make the death date on all of them the night of your party. Come up with weird ways they died, or just write some funny remarks on them. The one year we did something similar, I put embarrassing stories about old friends on some and others just simply had a name and a few choice curse words to describe them.

Examples of shapes

This idea is so old and everybody knows it, yet you can always get at least a few people. As soon as your guests enter direct them to hang their coats in the closet. Now do it quick and very nonchalant. They go to open the closet and someone pops out or something you rig up, falls down. OK, I know this is not original but it works, try it. Lets face it, some nosy people will look in the medicine cabinet. Why not leave a little surprise in there for em'! Here is a good chance for you to be creative, funny and gross. The one year, we where having a adults only party and I put a bunch of adult novelty products in the medicine cabinet. Someone had gone in and took my bait, by the end of the Halloween party, all these products had been strewn about, lots of fun. What about the fridge? One of your guests gets thirsty and wants a beverage. They go to open the fridge and again let your imagination go wild. Go for the extreme and hollow out the back and have a person jump out! A friend of mine did this with a old fridge in his garage, it was classic. He managed to find a broken refrigerator that was the same as his "beer fridge" in the garage. Several guys showed up to the party and put their beer in the real fridge in the garage. After they joined the party inside, we went out and put the real fridge on a dolly and wheeled it around back. We brought back the fake one without a backing and shoved it in the same place. We had another small guy dress up as this weird gargoyle creature and hide in the fridge. When the guys came out for a smoke break and to grab a beer, we got em' good! Warning, DO NOT lock anyone in a refrigerator, that's why we took the back off.

If your a big Halloween fan like me, chances are you have collected masks over the years. If not you can find them very cheap on eBay, or wait till the after Halloween sale. Basically you want to do the same thing as the shoe idea. Stuff your masks full of whatever you have available, I use newspaper. Use some clear tape in a X at the bottom to keep the stuffing from falling out. You can color the newspaper black where the eyes look out. Hang them where ever you want. I had a room where we had about 40 masks set up like this hanging from the ceiling. Add a strobe light and/or some black lights, and it can create a weird scary vibe.

One of the best overlooked scary Halloween party ideas is to make a scarecrow! A well made scarecrow is in my opinion one of the scariest props you can make. It's not hard and it does not have to cost a lot of money. Get some old clothes and boots, if you don't have any, a good thrift store will have all you need. Once you have that, all you need is some hay and a burlap sack. Stuff everything with hay and sew together. It will be heavy, so do it like this if you are going to place the scarecrow somewhere lying down. Or you can make a stand to put him on, a long two by four with a base will do the trick. Just cut out two eyes and a simple mouth on the burlap sack and stuff with hay. You can spend so much time trying to perfect the face, but I find the more simple it looks, the more scary it is.

Simple but Scary

Well carved pumpkins can add a memorable effect to your party, don't underestimate them. I attended a Halloween party one year where the host had carved the letters "Happy Halloween" in 14 separate pumpkins. He used these Gothic style letters that had a kind of melting effect to them. It was a really awesome sight. I'm sure it took him a long time and much patience, but that was many years ago and I can still remember it today.He left a great impression with everybody that Halloween party. Again, make it your own. Use letters, shapes, faces, animals, monsters, words, anything you can think of to create a unique pumpkin. Put some time and effort into it and you will be the well remembered pumpkin carver!


I hope I stirred up some ghoulish thoughts in your mind. Scary Halloween party ideas are all around you. Remember to make it your own and you don't have to spend a fortune to have fun. Make the best, most memorable scary Halloween party, yours!